Values in Business - More Than Just $$$$$$$- Need "Conscience"

Recommend Reading: "Values in a Business Society; Issues & Analysis; James Kuhn & Ivar Berg/Columbia University.

Excerpts from Preface: "The large size of today's business corporations, the wide range of their activities at home and abroad, and the nation's dependence upon them for an amazing array of goods and services means that the businessman is a highly influential American.

"His influence is increased even more by the fact that he is not only an adminstrator seeking to maximise profits but the head of a complex, little understood social system that has a profound impact on all its members."

"A businessman needs to understand his own values and appreciate the force of values of others, "

"He must be a professional with a sense of values that affords him a realistic perspective of where he has been and where he is going."

My Points: From an accounting-international economics point of view, Large Multi-National Corporations are worth more than the gross domestic products of many sovereign nations. Their Objective Function needs to be more than "maximize profits/shareholder value" and self serving bonuses. They Need a "National Conscience" which considers US National Security-Economic Interest/Jobs/Middle Class/fFuture Generations.

I have witnessed: the wholesale off shoring of: the US Electronics Industry to Asia, since the invention of the transistor by Bell Labs in the mid 1950s; the offshoring of services business, the Wall Street Financial Junk Bond and Mortgage Derivative Crises; the near collapse of GM and Chrysler,;the plight of Detroit/American Cities and Towns; the plight of the Middle-Poor Class/Jobs; Big Time Greed of Moneyed Interest and their Lobbyist corrupting our political system. 

 Business Leaders/Managers/Entrepreneurs NEED  A NATIONAL CONSCIENCE especially ,Big Multi-National Corporations/Financial Institutions. Thank God ! for our PHILANTHROPISTS: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Gates, Buffett, et al !!


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