Ioffe Ellina,

15 years, high school

“New School” Almaty.

What would you like to see happen during this century to make a world a better place?

«Life is divided into three terms - that which was,

which is, and which will be.

 Let us learn from the past to profit by the present,

and from the present, to live better in the future.»

William Wordsworth


The 21st century has come. People have been developing for hundreds years, but what have we achieved? Can we say that our existence is the ultimate dream and the aim of our life?

People have been making mistakes and right actions; they have been doing unreal things and loosing chances, which had been presented by their destiny. But how has the history helped us?

The last century was one of the most difficult in the history of humanity. There were two World Wars, economic crisis and disintegration of empires. People destroyed everything they had been building for centuries, killed each other and died because of poverty. Who was right, who was guilty? I am not able to decide. Nobody can. We haven’t seen the horrors of war. But now we are able to make conclusions. Thinking of future, we should remember the history, not to repeat the mistakes.

However, the 20th century wasn’t so terrible. This epoch wasn’t only the time of destroying; it was the time of fast developing, great inventions and improving the life.

Living in the 21st century, we can surely mark an enormous technological progress. The biggest economic empires such as United States of America and Germany give undeveloped countries an opportunity to have their ways on. Unfortunately, the progress is not as significant as in 20th century, for example. There are different models of IPhones and modernized vacuum cleaners. Is it really a deadline? Have people invented everything? Of course not! Flight Los-Angeles – Sidney for 5 minutes, the dreams on video and perpetual motion machine! ‘Fantasy,’- you will say. But in my opinion it is just a matter of the time. People are unique creations, who can do something special, which will be against the laws. We can talk to each other being in different parts of the Earth, we have an access to knowledge from people all over the world, just sitting at home! Sirs and Madams, boys and girls! You have plenty of opportunities to improve your life! Come on and do that! Don’t wait somebody or something, nobody can do that better than you! Maybe YOU, who are reading this text now, are particular! Maybe YOU are an Einstein of the 21st century or the next President of the USA!

Have you ever heard that Einstein was not an excellent student? Did you know that being a child Winston Churchill couldn’t talk in a normal way and always stuttered? There are a lot of interesting stories in the life of great people. They didn’t have an opportunity to develop; they couldn’t even think that they would be able to change the world.  But they were strong. They managed to win themselves, firstly, and then they proved everyone they were the greatest, smartest, strongest people in the world.

I am graduating from the school in a several years. I will be a full member of our society. Thinking about future, I understand that to be a successful person we must develop every day, every hour. There a lot of people all over the world, who can be better than you and just your rival.

Nowadays the main thing is a good education. As for me, I want to be a lawyer. It is really exciting for me to help people, to learn a lot of laws of different countries. I think future belongs to people who know what they should do during their life. I want to study abroad and now I am doing my best to enter the good University. I really have the great plans to improve my life and if people plan their life, there will be a plenty of successful specialists all over the world. Distinctly, there will be a perfect world not as everyone will be happy, but as people will develop. But you have to start at first. All that we have achieved in our life is dreams that we have made a reality.

The thing is that people of our epoch suffer not from the deficit of new technologies. Unfortunately, there are poverty, starvation and wars. Somebody lives well, somebody not. The problem of our world is that the first don’t want to help the second.  Every year millions of people die because of wars. Who needs that? Who is able to decide who will suffer and who will live happily? There were a lot of examples in the history of humanity, when somebody “clever” decided to kill the thousands of people for revolution, for overthrowing the government just because they thought they were right!  People, you can help each other and you can refuse to help, but you are not able to kill!

The perfect world is where everyone feels happy. We can deliver water to Africa and help undeveloped countries. It is really the highest level of charity and it is amazing.

However, I am afraid that it is unreal. It is unreal to make everyone happy. We can’t be absolutely happy and free. Life is something that we have to fight for. It is the aim – to be strong and not to give up. We must be strong, not cruel. We MUST help people! Don’t wait anyone will improve your life by himself, but helping people by yourself is necessary. It is a sign of power and confidence, to stop for a minute and ask if somebody needs your participation.

Taking everything into consideration, what is the perfect world? What we should do and what would we like to see happen during this century?  It is all simple. We should invent medicine from AIDS and Ebola, make the ecology better, change petroleum on something more harmless, decrease a level of mortality and invent IPhone 200…. But to be serious, we should develop and remember about moral rules. We should stop killing each other. People, acquit your title. Be a person, not a robot! Start from yourself. Start to help people and respect them, to study and plan your future. Be happy and give others a chance to be happy near you.  Become better; don’t give somebody an opportunity to say that the life was better recently, many years ago.

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