Guzal Akram

Lansing Community College, Michigan.

# essay contest 2017.

Every society, whether ancient or modern, has had to face some challenges in order to shine. Everyone has to cope with these problems in order to survive. Sometimes these challenges can prove to be a herculean task for societies. One thing is for sure these challenges can cause destruction for societies if left unattended.The same is true in today’s world.
Our world as of late has taken a wrong turn, and the outcome of this turn is in the form of mass destruction, or one can say, terrorism. And all this is due to one reason and that is no one is willing to give others their due rights of living. In this rift one thing is forgotten that nothing will come out of this.
Terrorism is one of the worst and major challenges faced by the world today. It has become a global challenge. It is hard to define and explain terrorism today. It has become a matter of perception. Terrorist acts are the result of radical and extremists thinking, being produced because some people need to make their voices heard.For example, a Palestinian who fought against Israel has been deemed as a freedom fighter in his hometown but he is terrorist from the Israelis point of view.
Terrorism is a bigger challenge for our world today because it has affected our lives in a number of ways. Millions have lost their lives in the name of this evil. It has also destroyed many businesses in the countries affected by terrorism.People no longer trust each other. The hatred towards others is growing rapidly.
Terrorism is not an easy problem to overcome because it has transcended many borders and has become a worldwide challenge. It has instilled fear in the minds of people. But no one is ready to take responsibility for this havoc. Due to this irresponsible attitude of societies and nations, this monster of terrorism is continuously making destruction in the world.
And this monster of terrorism has created many other demons in the whole world in the form of recession, mass migration, etc. Life seems uncertain in areas affected by terrorism. Not only this, people got kidnapped for extortion or ransom and that has put their lives at stake. People are getting killed every day through target killing and terror attacks. The recent mass killing in London is a
good example of this.
Terrorism is not a new phenomenon it's an old one. The world has been in war since its beginning. Initially, its form was different, but now it has taken a whole new turn. Earlier, it was the war for survival and existence, but now it's for gaining power over the whole universe by killing everyone who comes in the way to prove themselves right.
One major example of this is the tussle between developed and underdeveloped countries. The Soviet-Afghan war that lasted for nine years is one of the best example of the rift between developed and underdeveloped countries. The outcome of this war is in the form of different Jihadi Organizations and Non-state actors which have become a danger for the societies worldwide.
All this is due to the fact that no one is willing to subdue their point of view and this stubbornness has put many lives at risk. Another example of this stubbornness is Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Iraqis has used chemical weapons and ballistic missiles that have changed the whole structure of city. And within few days millions died for the sake of the ruler's benefit.
Apart from this, another major reason for all these non-state actors to be born is the lack of tolerance in the world. And it has become one of the major factor of blooming terrorism in the world. Efforts should be done to deal with this problem of intolerance.
There is illusion that major causes of terrorism in the underdeveloped countries are poverty, lack of education and social and political injustice. But there is one thing which goes without any consideration in minds and that is terrorists were not born instantly. Injustice is the reason of such terrorist activities happening around the world.
Combating terrorism is not an easy job. It needs a lot of resources and tactics to deal with terrorists. War against terrorism can be won only by thinking ahead of those terrorists who are creating terror and havoc in the world. And by eliminating the loopholes in the security measures.
The best way to solve this problem is that all should work on bridging the gap between developed and developing countries. It can be done by giving their due share of right of living and make their voices heard. Dialogues can also play
an important role in easing tensions between countries. Because it is more comfortable thing to do than killing the innocent people.
Money is that powerful weapon through which anyone can bought everything. Funding to the terrorist should be stopped. Because through money terrorists make dealings of illegal weapons. Without funding they won't be able to buy deadly weapons. Then it would be easy for governments to eliminate illegal weapons from society. So, steps should be taken to track down the illegal resources through which terrorists can easily access the money. Not only this, charities and aids given to the underdeveloped countries should be made accountable. It should be checked whether they are using in developing their countries or in funding terrorist organization.
Illiteracy is biggest weapons in the hands of terrorists against humanity. Without education and understanding, one can get affected by any kind of ideas. Because they will trust on the only available source available to them. So, proper and useful education can help a lot in eliminating this evil from our societies.The education should be free from all negativity. The purpose of education should be to promote tolerance.
The biggest solution to this problem is giving others their due share of rights. And this can be done by accepting and understanding the diversified nature of the world. We also need to change the perspective that violence or threat can prove an effective way to cure this problem.
Not only this, we should also think about other forms of terrorism prevailing in the world in the form of cyber terrorism. We should not forget that any act of violence or idea of spreading fear among people for the purpose of controlling them is, terrorism. Cyber terrorism has become an attractive option for terrorist. Through cyber attacks terrorists can also hack the sensitive information that can be dangerous for the sovereignty and security of countries.
Cyber terrorism can be combated by using virus protections and by using only credible and verified websites.For this, everyone has to play their role. Not one man, society or nation alone can do this. By reporting such activities, we can play powerful role in eliminating the menace of terrorism from our world.
To me, the clearest solution is peace, which is hard to attain in present world. Because no one is willing to accept the fact that we all have equal rights of
living being human. Everyone is just trying to impose their ideologies. The one thing that has been ignored by them in all this scenario is that hearts and minds of people cannot be won through violence and imposition. And that we all have to accept diversified nature of world. With this mindset we may be able to create peaceful and harmonized world, worth living.

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