EssayWhat will I like to see during this Century to make the World a Better place

The world a better place to live has been the aspiration of the first form of life on earth and it will continue till the course of time, but, the toil from dawn to dusk, the non-ending endeavors in the betterment of the quality of life, the ascending scientific and technological race, the everlasting conflicts for scarce resources and the means to surpass others are all a matter of this domain too, so can we justify that the human civilizations has contributed to the above cause in true or was it just a venture for one own self , family, tribe or on maximum for religious biases or for the nation?

The answer is very much clear to all of us, and the issue to be addressed here is that how can we reshape the ways in this century to witness a world worthy of being a place best for not only the human life but to all the biodiversity.

The reform will take place from the very beginning by eradicating the deep rooted hatred among some of the cultures and civilizations, this is the main driving force in almost all the conflicts, the most prominent sociologists like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Whorf and all the founders reported their studies that culture differences causes huge impact on the way people thinks about others and individual behaviors, so the world needs to be culturally diversified, all the conflicts should be resolved with culture relativism, that is to look for the common areas of interests and norms, also the wars which are based on the cultural imperialism is all a result of the fact that one power overthrows other just to hold all the resources what is supposed to prevail their culture and make them superior to others, in this regard, the role of multinational organizations is a symbol of cultural diversity to be followed and adopted by all the powers ruling the globe. This will make the world a safer place to live, free of any war, uncertainty and the race to surpass others for no good reason. The recently cultural exchange programs is a very generous initiative in this course and these kinds of things should be given first place in consideration while devising the foreign policies and in all the solutions for global conflicts, like on that for energy, land, water, political tensions and agitation on borders.

The next is the backbone and the color of the human life, Education. Education is the most important tool we have in teaching about tolerance and trying to achieve world peace. It is the essence that makes the life fruitful for one own self and for the entire world, this system should be devised in such a way that it promotes the awareness about the role as being a citizen of this earth and not just a part of a small domain restricted to family or a specific country. The purpose of this system is to make the life better, so as it is not possible to give best from a wrong platform, such is the case that if this globe is not made the fittest place to live, then how would it be possible to led a good life on it .So, all the aims and objectives of education should not be just confined to make the science and technology progress beyond the limits, but all of this should be based on keeping in view the care for the life of earth and the life and earth, all the undesirable inventions of science like nuclear weapons, missiles, tanks, chemical explosives etc. all of which are invented to end all the inventions and its inventors. All these are made by the educated and well trained people in their respective fields, so the traditional schooling helps little in establishing peace around the globe and making it sustainable for all the forms of life. Have you ever noticed how many of the leaders of terrorist organizations and advocates of terrorism are engineers and doctors? This by itself should prove that schooling is not sufficient to inculcate tolerance or to achieve peace. Partly, this is because so many educated people in the world go into engineering and medicine and so there is a sort of a selection effect. For every one engineer or doctor who advocates terrorism one can name a hundred who are opposed to it, so the proliferation of engineers and doctors among terrorists is a little misleading, but not completely. It illustrates the point that just merely having earned an advanced degree in the sciences does not make one into a peacemaker. Something else is required. So, education must be promoted with the true vision of humanity to ensure the safety of this world.

Education is the most reliable source of making the world a better and safer place to live, as the famous Nelson Mandela quoted “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” All this world needs the change within us, the way we think about our future and the coming generations, we should make this as our sacred duty to spread the awareness to stop the harmful effects of the modern science and technology and to use all the knowledge for the wellbeing of the world and to resolve the gigantic problems that we can face in the future due to the harmful activities going on such as the one like Global Warming, Veronica White quotes this in the words “Hurricanes, tornadoes and volcanoes are all Natural Disasters. We can't fit Global Warming into that category. We have only us to blame” .So, there is no escape for us without resolving this problem as the rate at which the annual average temperature of the earth is increasing due to the above phenomena will eventually make some of the areas sooner and then all the globe later, into a hot furnace where there will be no concept of life. We all need to stop using the main agents causing this, we should devise laws to ban the vehicles producing enormous Carbon Dioxide gas, the deep freezers releasing CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon), the gas which is annihilating the ozone layer and making the world bare to the harmful radiations from the Sun. The best thing we can do in this regard on permanent basis is to do as much plantation as possible, McAliney, Mike.  "A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs. /year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings." This also helps in keeping the atmosphere from being overheated beyond the limits of human tolerance, also natural disasters like floods can be controlled and thousands of human lives could be saved. The plantation schemes should be made obligatory by the UN for all the countries of the world to ensure the safety of the earth and all the life forms existing on it. Initiatives like that of the CFD(Clean Development Mechanism) in which an investor from an industrialized country, or an industrialized country government, can provide financing for a project in a developing country that reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to what would have happened without the CDM, these kinds of projects should be adapted all across the world.

The political forces all across the world should have to include the measures that should not disturb the balance of power and refrain from promoting such malicious things for the world like the feelings of ethnocentrism, the greed for resources under others custody, the breach of others sovereignty and the aggressiveness for other races, all of which are the evils of conflict and making the world an undesirable place to live, there should be competitions in the field of advancement and technology but it is compulsory to have these ventures in the domain of humanity and positive impacts for the entire biodiversity.

The world will be a much better place if we keep on working with harmony with each other and look for the areas of positive interests and to resolve all the issues with the zeal of humanity and sustainability of the life and earth. The purpose of the all the international treaties, the cooperation and all the rest should not be just confined to economic growth and fulfillment of the human desires but it should also devise ways for making this lap of mother of all the life forms a safer, peaceful and prosper place for all the coming generations too, as we are bound of doing so, because We are the Humans, the masterpiece creation of the nature.






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