Our world today is in a bewildered state enshrouded with so much perversity and malodorous act in such a way that it is almost difficult to distinguish between the inoffensive and the offensive and this has gone a long way and has eaten deeply into the fabrics of our society. Many have concluded that corruption is the world's problem, some say it is education, others globalization and technology but careful observation will make one realize that one of the malady that has surfaced through the heat of time is "social injustice".
Social Injustice is rightly put to be a situation where some inequitable practices are being carried out in the society. Social injustice in our world today basically has to do with human rights and equality. This detestable vile crept its way into the bedrock of the society for ages and has now grown into a stiff-necked beast finding its expressions through the activities, decisions, words and actions of men. Although, it seems almost impossible to defeat this monster but still conclusions like this cannot be made without investigating well enough the nook and cranny of the issue at hand.
One of the bemoaning issue of social injustice is Poverty. Poverty has become a widespread pollutant in our society and this has created a benchmark between people of the same identity, race and even nationality. As much as poverty is a the quality of being indigent with low income, much more poverty is a mentality. It is assumed that in a particular sect, there are those that are the cream of the crop and then there are those that are classified as the average of the society and then the poverty stricken folks who cannot afford up to two square meals in a day. Whilst this is true in real sense, this mentality has gone a long way in creating an emotional blank out for those who are unable to afford up to two square meals in a way that they loose sight of their societal value, societal right and respect. They have a sense of judgement below standard and believe they cannot stand up for their right irregardless of what happens and because of this, they are treated unfairly and unjustly. They are deprived of their normal societal value, their rights seems like a lie and their moral entitlement is impoverished. This mentality can also be termed as inferiority complex and this passes through the head of a man and then hits his heart and finally his thought gets to process this and the result is he comes out thinking and acting as someone he is not. This has not just been a stagnancy to the growth and development of the society but has also been a hindrance to several activities that could have led to a revival thousands of years ago.
How can this issue of poverty be solved? One of the ways to deal with this is making available enlightenment and empowerment nugget which will aid people in their understanding and make them aware, coming to terms with their rights, abilities and authority in the society. This will also trigger many to be put in the driver's seat making do with their skills and putting much more effort to the little they can achieve. Empowerment programs such as skills development, enabling excellent communicability and interpersonal skills, encouraging strong moral values as well as discipline such as dignity, respect as well as commitment should be put in place. Entrepreneurship initiatives should not be overlooked because it paves a pathway of creating opportunities for employment and so it affects local societies in a great way reducing unemployment rate and increasing the growth of the society.
Another very key dilemma to factor in is the issue of gender inequality. For no reason can this be overemphasized as it has become a great becall even in very developed economies and has led more and more to social injustice. Gender inequality in simple terms can be said to be a situation where the right of a particular gender (female) is overruled by the right of the other (male) due to a feeling of superiority. Women in our society today have been looked at with so much disdainful, indignant and unfitted manner. They have been considered as weak beings. They have been referred to as exceedingly less property. They have been assumed to be vague and hazy in their thinking all because they are women. Their rights have been forcefully denied in countries where the laws are thoroughly enforced and regulated. Even as regarding leadership, it is rather unfortunate that the female gender is neglected. Women are underrepresented in the finance world, outnumbered in full time faculties and positions. Statistics has it that the percentage of women in leadership is 21.9% in national parliament worldwide. This should not be. It has also been said that the issue as pertaining gender inequality bases itself on culture. This is bias. This is injustice.
To deal with this, the girl child should be treated fairly and equally. The girl child should be allowed to speak out her opinions. She should be given liberty to express the valour she has on the inside of her. She should be given opportunity to take leadership position and allowed to campaign and carry out decisions as regarding their right.
The concept of social injustice also surrounds the puzzling circumstances facing the discussion of "equal opportunity". This suffices that everyone should be treated the same way and no one should be given a higher preference except in cases which can be unambigously and evidently proved. This major goal is to ensure that all opportunities or advancement such as job or academic opportunity should be made open to everyone and should not be streamlined to some particular set of people due to incidents like having a favorable rapport with a powerful entity such as friends, relatives and close ones. Everyone should be allowed to compete for the task that has been set, in order to show their individual ability. This will entitle individuals to be seen as effective or ineffective based on their own attempts and endeavour not some kind of assisted efforts by someone in a high ranking position.
Although, social injustice has been neglected in some societies today, yet the greatest ethical challenge facing the world today is all rooted in this vile called "social injustice". Until this is dealt with, our world will remain encroached in disarray. A world without social injustice is a world that can be free of ethical challenge!

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