Constructed of Magic: And Other Poems on the Immortality of the Human SpiritConstructed of Magic: And Other Poems on the Immortality of the Hum... by Louis Alan Swartz
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There was darkness everywhere.
And then the creator has commanded-let there be light!
And light it was-darkness was evaporated! From then on human species is afraid of darkness- and all through the life Homo sapiens makes relentless quest for light- from darkness…
Or rather the human conscience tells the soul to strive for the light!
Sometimes it remains unheard- sometimes it is heard-but the whisper is relentless-deep within the soul! It is the eternal journey that had prompted Orpheus to fight with death for the life of Eurydice- it is the eternal journey that had propelled Jesus Christ to be crucified for the human soul- it is the eternal journey that had empowered Mother Teresa to live a lie for the cause of others.
It is the greatness of eternal human soul that on the face of dying of thirst amid a desert, donates his last drop of water to his thirsty foe, saying-‘Thy need is greater than mine.’
This may be an anthology of poems-but it is also the manifestation of life- the beautiful journey of life-from all perspectives and from all angles.
It is a saga of that immortal soul.
The book is divided into eleven parts-deaths, grandmothers, spirits, love and marriage, children, America, sanctity, angels and monsters, aesthetics, immortality and hope.
to him, death is not an object of fear- rather death, when coming in his silent feet- will rest the tired soul into rest and make a transition from the life of grief, despair and pain. Only the creation will remain and will help him memorise-
“When I finished playing
I felt personally utterly free,
Devoid of any grief
Loss of mystery.
I now fully comprehend
The things he left behind.”
A new perspective- a new dimension has been imparted to every object around us- and narrated with utter simplicity.

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