Nationalism, Globalization Problems and Prospects in Nigeria

Nationalist are patriot in good faith they have the state at heart. Nationalist are group of people who make progress to be the sole player of state affairs in the manner of equal distribution of wealth their activities often threaten human society. Nationalist encounter stifle opposition from people who are very critical of however what they do, through history nationalism could have limited chances of succession if globalization had come a century ago. Today globalization raise a generation of entrepreneur, civil right activist, preachers, terrorist together they are stakeholders and in various always decision makers. Apart from friendship Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, Yahaya Jammeh and Ibrahim Babangida that develop today’s globalization also increases economic opportunities, moreso globalization enhance international relation.
There is always a new thinking to demonstrate nationalist care express willingness to open border that allow investors in to do business. Nationalism very often expresses power what is right to do bringing globalization into framework on how plans could be decided to functions. Almost everyday there are specific features, certain group of people by their religious faith, ethnicity, make impact that could bring them to limelight for instance in sport, politics. it could be right to say Nationalism options are harder and could sharply increase agitation among youths such as we have in the Niger- Delta oil rich region and increasing defection of politicians in Nigeria often time generate a lot of attentions but, there is a wide range of unique experience by the populace to know a true nationalist. Globalization portray a similarity which hindered Nationalism by their activities they could incite popular activities such as economic and social crisis by activities of NGO”S, activists and terrorists. The ideologies were nearly perfect because globalization is appropriate for the public so nationalist has been a lot against movement that criticizes specific effort by devaluing the effort of ideologist. And it does seem to occur also that Nativism is a major separatist movement that demands affluence among difference communities especially in Africa where there is a strong demographic nature. We now have greater responsibilities on the part of Government in Nigeria to fight corruption, provide jobs and improve on infrastructure. It is a public knowledge in which globalization have promoted democracy the exit of military rule in Nigeria deal with some pretentious nationalist and some reason is they are ideologist. It is not so easy to find nationalist who will give up their wealth, inheritance` because of feeling s they have for the country without taking back what they had lost. In today’s globalization Nationalist bring people of different diverse country together something more that globalization have created is to introduce it culture , sport, product to the whole world with the hope of strengthening its power, influence but, nationalist would like to regulate the activities to demonstrate country Sovereignty.
Nationalism inspires poor people who made up the majority of over 175 Million people in Nigeria. While Nationalist look for people of like mind to dedicate their service to the nation there was so much of a time that globalization have had to influence nationalism. There are interesting chances that globalization promote some changes or reforms which is clearly foreign influence in particular North – East Nigeria which has developed into a resource scare, environmental degradation infrastructural devastation, killing and displacement of people caused by terrorist attack. Nationalism find support among local people then global support and so all are in solidarity of the people and it is quite a different when global supports misplace the priority of the nationalist. In this case there is a lot of time require to convince the people when they had to compare what globalization could offer and when people could not hold the patient what they would have had just split away or deny some progress of global expectation. Although nationalism now use multiple dimension to bring people of diverse, ethnic background together which is much improved than when Herbert Maccaulay first Nationalist in Nigeria led the movement in 1920. The Nationalist movement in today’s globalization put Nigeria in a dilemma situation where successive leaders guarantee modernism fund meant to be use in the budget are diverted to private account. It is even more irrational when a combine effort of leaders elites make space for youth radicalization to a very pity situation where crude oil production is heavily disrupted by a group of militants in the Niger- Delta region which is the major reason why Nigeria economy plunge into recession in August , 2016. A feeling for cultural superiority has given an instinct for ethnic division in Nigeria. There is really stretching other component of globalization like social media activities here explain dissatisfaction with Government even when some people felt comfortable with Government policies and programs.. Nigerians who are patriotic would do anything to unite the country the idea was replicated in the fight against Boko Haram terrorist.
There is increasingly a concern to Nationalism open attitude now threaten globalization corporate businesses exposing nationalist excesses like mishandling of Armed deal by Ibrahim Dusuki in Nigeria, President Jacob Zuma corruption allegation in South Africa, from the gender point of view is even more of concern like Park Geun-Lye rough doing in South Korea, corruption allegation of President Dilma Roussef in Brazil. Nationalist in Nigeria are increasingly concern with changes in the society for instance the worldwide web creates a social space through social networking for millions of people to learn a wide range of subjects which include the good, bad and the ugly. Products from other countries are found in Nigeria supermarkets people now cook fruits and vegetables together, even use imported oil such as Margarine to cook soup instead of local source Palm oil, play karaoke and video game, Hollywood (USA) now influence the Nollywood (Nigeria) all contribute to a change in National culture. Nigeria is a multiculturalists state pose a big treat to National ideology. Today’s globalization Nigerian have more mobility than they ever had before many are found in Libya on transit to Europe fleeing war zone in the North East. Nationalist are concern that foreign people culture could pose a threat to National cultural heritage. In Nigeria many couples now feel good to apply court and church wedding to the usual traditional marriage. These are some of the reason why Nigeria embarked on border closure in the fight against Boko Haram also Nigeria have had too many reason to enforce internet restriction but democratic nature , media campaign is a force to reckoned with. However, the more nationalist are concern in today’s globalization the people could be learning to do what they now know.
Perestroika and glasnost open USSR to the world in 1991 President Milkhail Govbachev had to step down for the sake of peace because other Soviet Republic had to split without going to war in a country with abundant weapons including Nuclear weapons, Nationalist in Nigeria see the importance of bringing 250 divers ethnic groups together there are other evidence that some minority groups each state control of resources moving to true federalism largely because of the impact of globalization. Nationalist are using multi- form procedures aim to be in control of affairs. Recently National Communication Commission plan to increase internet price per megabyte was strongly resisted by citizens in a country that have not fully commercialized its satellite technology in space. The Nigeria Football Association, the National Teams members and officials allow money issues to pressure them to demonstrate, threaten to boycott matches their demand is inconsistent with the prize money at the competition. International Football Federation FIFA warned Government not to interfere in National Football Association affairs which rely heavily on Government financial support instead of looking for sponsors.
In many ways I can surely ascertain that Nationalism get many feelings about globalization instead of taking hash measure to suppress other options for change Nationalist should use social media to explain to the public to be more inclusive this broad appeal could promote National Identity, Unity and Economic Progress


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