Moral Leadership: What it Takes to Have Moral Leadership

What it takes to be a Leader with Morals

Fasya Fahlefi (Sekolah Bogor Raya)


Teacher: Ibu Dayu

Subject: History

The world now is faced with many problems and a lot among those related to leadership. Leaders of big nations seem to be more egocentric in their policies. And this lead to society having a hard time to find the perfect leader.

A leader must be in front of the others and provide example and to help others. Therefore a leader mustn’t misuse their power to hurt people. The example of that action is corruption. I lived in a country that has a lot of corruption and from the news in the television and internet, the condition in other countries are no much of a difference.

There are two things needed to be a good leader for everyone. Number one is good leadership skills and the other one is morality. Evaluating a leader is based on the leaders moral stand and capacity to handle difficult situation. The big question remaining is, does morality play a huge role in developing leadership in ourselves and what is moral leadership 

Moral leadership is a way of leadership where you care about other people. People with moral leadership will make decision that benefited everyone even though sometimes those people must go through pain, but in the end the decision made will be the best among any other options.

Moral Leadership can be defined as an ability to know and differentiate which is good or bad. And like as I said before moral leadership will make the best decision. When a leader doesn’t have that it is called a moral degradation, but this could be prevented if they have personal improvement, social skills and sense of crisis

Moral leadership can also be defined as a personality someone should own. And a leader with moral is what people need now and what the future generation should be. Also in order to have moral leadership, we have to see it from the religious view. Religion has taught us many things and including how to be a good leader. Actually the content is the same with what other people will say if they are asked about leaders.

Nowadays, finding a leader with morals is considered hard, although at first they made promise that encourage people to vote for them. And then when they got the role to lead and also had the power, they misused it for their own purposes, that is what’s actually wrong with the leaders nowadays. But as time pass by, there are some leader that showed up and do as they promises. In Indonesia, we have also a potential leader with morals and could as well be one of the best leaders. Looking back at Indonesian history, there are some Indonesian leaders that could be role model to other Indonesian, and there are also other leaders from around the world that could be used as role model

Take Gandhi for instance, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi played an important role in India’s independence. He made movements that turned out as India’s independence. He has a believe to fight for freedom without violence, which may be seen as impossible at the time. Gandhi lead the quit India movement and also the salt march in order to get the British out of the country.

Another example we can take is Indonesia’s first vice president. I once read about him in a blog and what he said really inspires me. His name is Muhammad Hatta or known as Bung Hatta in Indonesia. I wasn’t interested at him at the first but then there was this time where I should do research about him. It was for a speech. What I read is really staggering. For me he is a role model.

He once said that there are indeed a lot of people that changes path because they are colonized, but a good leader won’t join the other to change path. He is a man with big responsibility and made the people he led felt secured. He is a very nationalist person and able to fulfill the hope of thousands Indonesian.


He also stated that a leader should be able to see the situation and also read it in order to know the condition, he has to know the problem in the society including the small ones that some people may classified as unimportant. Despite rich people having bigger power, for him a good leader must also fulfill the need of the poor ones and to fulfill their hope. So in short, a leader is actually serving for the people they led, they are working to fulfill the needs of others, not for their own needs.

Another example of great leader is a father. Maybe he does not give advantage to the world as much, but despite that, he keep on giving his best to keep the family. A father for a son or daughter is a role model. A father may not be at home all the time, but a father show that he is a hard worker and somehow a father is always the leader in a family.

The world is now on a crisis of leaders with morals, and the last thing we need right now is another bad leader for the human kind. To be a leader with moral, there are some things you must have. A leader must be responsible, honest, and also have the mission to fulfill the hope of many people. And when it comes to leading a country, nationalism is very important. 

There are some people that said that leaders are born, but I do not agree with that, every human actually have the capability to become a leader. Becoming a moral leader is not hard, it is easy and it is a choice. And it will be very good if actually take that choice and become a leader.

This led the essay into a final conclusion. A leader is not a man with the most power, but a leader is someone who can serve the people in a particular group and to manage them. A leader is made, not born. That could may be the final conclusion. To be a leader, all you need to do is to act like one. In becoming a leader, we don’t have to win an election, because there is something called a natural leader and an informal leader. In my opinion, a moral leadership is a personality that should be owned by everyone in the world.

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Comment by Devan Andria on December 3, 2013 at 4:28am

I like the content of this essay and how you mention A leader is made, not born

Comment by Aldwin Erning on December 3, 2013 at 4:26am

Good job on the explanation and the examples that you put in the essay

Comment by alfin winarto on December 3, 2013 at 4:13am

your explanation about moral leadership is outstanding concept, you summarized with your own original words and that is really great.

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