Ethical issues are a problem throughout the world regarding the leadership of a leader is honesty. Lots of action in a democracy demonstrations, protests, and even request a demotion by the community leaders. This case, comes from the attitude of a leader who lies.
True leadership act ethically, which is committed to the needs of the organization and the needs of the people. Everyone wants their leaders are trustworthy and these characteristics are found successful in every leader through honesty. Leadership is essentially based on trust. Because many people choose to follow leaders they trust, they have a sense of basic trust. It’s a basic honesty. Without honesty, a leader cann’t lead with integrity.
Moral leadership is very strategic because it determines the success or failure in achieving goals. Honesty is the most essential characteristic of a leader and the most easily seen. Honesty is the basis of every action as a result of the policy. If leaders cann’t show others that can be trusted in word and deed, the leader will have no followers.
Honesty leader regarded as a very important thing, because the leaders of dishonesty can lead to other negative actions. Embodiment of implementation honest leader is through transparency. Transparency is an effort to enforce honesty. With transparency, participation in monitoring the entire organization will be accommodated so as to minimize the potential for dishonesty.
Direct result of the conduct that is not transparent is political corruption is abuse of public office for personal gain or groups. The term "corruption" can be expressed as a dishonest act. Corruption brings continued a remarkable result, the multidimensional crisis in various fields of political, economic, social and cultural, defense and security, crisis of confidence in the people to the government.
Based on the results of IACC in Brazil suggests that being honest in the form of transparency and accountability is the key to prevent corruption. Awareness that the fight against corruption is not only related to the law, but every leader is how to implement transparency in the implementation of daily life, especially in the implementation of the government. Transparency is needed in the process of lobbying from a public institution to ensure accountability and avoid conflicts of interest with related parties.
Example due to dishonest attitudes that occurred in Indonesia in handling the case of Bank Century, which began in 2009. As a result of the dishonest handling of the case led to the slow handling and frequent demonstrations by students and the community as well as customers of the Bank in Indonesia during the last 4 years. However, there are no results as expected by the public. On the action ended peacefully and there were those that ended in an uproar and led to acts of violence. As was the case in Makassar, South Sulawesi in 2009. Demonstration ended in dispute and clashes between students and security forces.
The Corruption Eradication Commission said it had difficulty in resolving cases of alleged corruption granting Short Term Loan Facility and the establishment of Bank Century as a failed bank systemic impact. They don’t want to describe in more detail the constraints experienced by the investigator to the media.
Indonesia ranks as the 56th most corrupt country in the world. KPK leaders are expected to be transparent to the public about the settlement and determination of the people related to the case. In addition, examination of the people asking for transparency agenda persons graft Bank Century bailout. If transparency is done to help the situation. But if not, it will create new problems.
Even oversee the process of case law that cost the state up to Rp 6, 7 trillion, was so impressed politics arena for political parties seeking to increase its popularity. Parties who allegedly had a big hand for the occurrence of the case law has not yet caught. In fact, the legal process is not clear.
Community highlights resolution of legal problems in Indonesia tend to promote rather than substantial procedural law, which is often far from a sense of justice as easily tricked. Legal thinkers expect justice to be immediately returned to the confidence of the people to the legal and law enforcement institutions to re-grow. Community disappointed to a lack of transparency of dishonest handling of the case. Even they think negatively about the state law.
Governor of Bank Indonesia, Vice President Boediono and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani is a party that supposedly has a big hand for the occurrence of these problems. Bank Indonesia Governor Boediono is the period of May 2008-2009. It was thought to have a role in providing funds Short-Term Funding Facility to Bank Century. Although thought to have a big hand in the case, so far he has not set foot in the House of the Corruption Eradication Commission for tests related to the case. While, on examination of the former Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati no transparency to the public about the agenda the examination. Corruption Eradication Commission put forward a plan to examine Sri Mulyani in Washington DC, USA. However, there is no transparency when it held that agenda.
There are also constraints on imaging leadership. Sometimes a leader has tried to be honest, but many people who want to drop it. This case, due to his supporters being dishonest and not transparent. Serves to boost the morale of rumors play, keeping everyone aware of the problem and what is happening around them. Without knowing the truth and rumors quickly circulated. Truth will always increase the credibility and faster lies will undermine credibility. Leaders can tell the truth a thousand times, but one lie will destroy all the trust they have built.
When honesty and transparency is less then there is no trust and when the level of trust will not break no loyalty. It’s impossible to generate trust in the absence of ethical probity. As a result fairness, accountability and responsibility cann’t and will not exist.
Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their leaders are doing. Executive departments and agencies should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public. Executive departments and agencies should also gather public feedback to identify information greatest use to the public.
This fact explains why many legal cases in limbo process of completion or at least not completely and left a lot of signs in the community. Relevant public officials, especially the decision-makers from legal institutions considered themselves honest, but obscurity for obscurity just makes people judge that the officials actually be less or even dishonest because it is not transparent.
Honesty of a leader can be seen from Jokowi as Jakarta governor, Indonesia. Jokowi famous figure plain and candid. Honesty often makes people want to forgive him. He dared to expose mistakes without fear of ridicule. He said that he requested assistance services Office of Traffic and Transportation to be free of the jam. Courage to be honest with admitting a mistake is not an easy thing to do as a leader. A leader is usually always keen to be seen so often do keobohongan perfect. However, him being honest by admitting mistakes is important for a leader.
He honest attitude makes him much liked by the people. He also always do the transparency of all policies and activities are done. All the people support his leadership and not think negatively about the government. This proves that the honesty of a leader is of utmost importance.
Leader must have the courage to tell the truth, although very bitter. If the leaders are honest people and members would want to understand the state of the leader. Without honesty, began to doubt the credibility of the leader and the people left behind in time. Honesty is the key to the success of the nation's leaders to achieve its goals. Social crisis, economics, and politics that is now happening in several countries, is actually caused by the behavior of dishonest politicians.
If all the leaders in the world is capable of being true, then the world will be at peace with the support of the community leaders. No more mess in protest action. Global ethics with honest attitude that leaders can be applied as a minimal basic consensus relating to binding values, irrevocable standards and moral attitudes. Phenomenon that happens to us today, such as a word ethics is easy to say but very difficult to implement. Implementation of ethics in all aspects of life such as lost time.



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Comment by Valentine Olushola Oyedipe on November 20, 2013 at 1:40pm

This sentence really appealed to me Erlista "Phenomenon that happen to us today such as a world ethics is easy to say but very difficult to implement"-I quite agree with you but implementation difficulties can as well be  be overcome by honesty,integrity and love for humanity on the part of individual; a first step towards the success of the implementation of world ethics.Since Charity begins at home and you dont give what you do not have.Good idea!

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