March 2015 Question of the Month: How serious is the Ukraine conflict? Can this be resolved through cooperation or are we headed for a new Cold War?

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How serious is the Ukraine conflict? Can this be resolved through cooperation or are we headed for a new Cold War? What would such a conflict look like? Share your thoughts this month on the GEN.

Below are some Carnegie Council resources that discuss the conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s relationship with the West. Listen to their thoughts and then tell us what you think!

David Speedie US Global Engagement article titled “Then and Now: Eight Lingering Questions on U.S.-Russia-Ukraine” -

Devin Stewart’s interview of Rajan Menon titled “Ukraine: The New Cuban Missile Crisis?” -

Rene Wadlow’s article titled “Ukraine: A Federalist Future?” -

Dimitri Trenin’s US Global Engagement Security Bulletin titled “Ukraine and the New Divide between the United States and Russia” -

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Killer Robots, Ethics, & Governance, with Peter Asaro

Peter Asaro, co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, has a simple solution for stopping the future proliferation of killer robots, or lethal autonomous weapons: "Ban them." What are the ethical and logistical risks of this technology? How would it change the nature of warfare? And with the U.S. and other nations currently developing killer robots, what is the state of governance?

As Biden Stalls, Is the "Restorationist" Narrative Losing Ground?

U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev notes that former Vice President Joe Biden is, in foreign policy terms, most associated with a "restorationist" approach. How does this differentiate from other candidates? What approach will resonate most with voters?

Democratic Candidates & Foreign Policy after Iowa, with Nikolas Gvosdev

With the (incomplete) results of the Iowa Caucus putting the spotlight on Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, what do we know about their foreign policy platforms? How do they differentiate themselves from Joe Biden? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev shares his thoughts and touches on voters' possible perception of Sanders as a "socialist" and how climate change could become an issue in this election.





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