I chose democracy over autocracy and monarchy

Living in 21st centuries, democracy is essential to rule live and give birth to better competitive civilization. Democracy shows that leadership skill is not genetically descended or heritable, instead it is a lifelong polished skills coming from experiences and how they have been raised. Democracy allow the people with prodigious competencies to showcase their skills and capabilities to represent a group of people. It also meant, a government of people’s decision. Unlike monarchy and autocracy, democracy appreciate the people better as it allows everyone despite of their gender, races, religions, skin colors, disabilities, connections and networking, social status and ranks to speak their voice out in a manner. I believe, if we have to list the benefits of democracy, the words will be infinity.

We all know that how important democracy is to every living things, not just to homo sapiens, but also floras, faunas, atmosphere and also the lands we are living in. With democracy we can see that everyone’s always have something to fight for, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else. Even though it just like a small campaign for moms fighting for breastfeeding babies in public is something that should not be ashamed of, it still a worth fight, a small effort that matter the most. It is mother’s love fighting for their kids and their generations. Democracy also gave birth to many environmental activists and NGOs to fight for bigger issues, fighting for those whose their voices cannot be heard, who’s their voices were denied and fighting for the unborn generations. In a world where billions of people supporting equality, voicing out opinions, likes and dislikes, highlighting the needs based on everyone’s own conditions is something priceless and no other thing we could thank for when we know our voices are being heard. The freedom of speech let every living things know their values, and allowing the minority groups to protect their demands and interests. But that is unfortunately not offered by autocracy or dictatorship. As a patriotic citizen, why do we need to just sit down and do nothing when we have the chances to? Grab the golden opportunities.

We also acknowledge that public speaking and debating strengthen knowledge in so many ways that we could expect for. It helps the youngsters and the elders to read more, to learn more and to think more. It just makes everyone aware about the current issues more. I still remember those day when my teacher held the first public speaking competition. We talked about any topic given, at first I have a fear when you have to speak a topic in front of the crowd without a text and it’s unplanned, but it became better as we learnt more and more, to be more knowledgeable, it indirectly urges us to speak wise and give us courage to speak values, to filter what we shouldn’t speak and taught us to let our words passing through the three most important gates, which are truth, necessary, and kind gates. So that our words can be trusted and benevolent. Undeniably, that is also what debating in democracy world promotes to people, to have wiser and broader knowledge about everything in the meantime to be kind with the words used. It helps one’s to understand another and respecting everyone’s contradict perspective on how they see one arising issue, thus this promotes peace and harmony in society, especially in a country with multi-racial, and multi-religions. In facts, the points of harmony can be found even though in a condition with contradict opinions without the needs of riots and risking life for any violence. We also agree to an extent that public speaking and debating also help the citizens to speak their opinions or use their expertise on certain issues in a manner that will definitely give a great impact for the countries exponential growth development. This eventually makes the citizens responsible of their voting power, words spoken and aware of what is happening on their lands, what are the economics progress, developments, achievements and innovations.

Besides the freedom of speech, speak up for the voiceless, we all know that how importance our decisions and votes are to have a better government. Democracy helps the government to come out with better decisions. It also will definitely increase transparency in decision making as the voice of the majority will be the main consent. For example, in implementing new laws or policies, it should passing through the parliament with consent of majority of the parliamentary members. Rules, policies, decisions cannot simply be made following the autocrat’s order instead, more discussion and debates will be made before introducing them to the people, showing that is the collective decisions. In addition to that too, if the government are caught to be involved in corruptions or political scandals, the people will always have the choice to eliminate the politicians for the sake of their lands and replace them when the election takes place. Thus making the elected government to do their very best to stay, and govern clean, hence coming out with better solutions to every problems, rapid development, better systems and decisions making. A government that stays in power for too long, they will become toxic to the country, so democracy protects the people, enhanced the country’s progress and developments and the most important thing is, democracy doesn’t let the government to live in comfort zone, because at the end of the day, what everyone is expecting is a change for the better. Who wants a government with slow exponential growth and worst management, also full of scandals? We all always want for a change because do-nothing or do-harm government brings no good to the citizens.  

In conclusion, I cannot agree more that democracy is a blessing and felicity. Democracy let the civilization grows better, improves life and even promotes competition in a healthiest way. People lives in democracy will definitely have a freedom of thinking and that’s the most important that helps life’s going for a sustainable future without the thinking that what they are fighting for or their ideas will bring nothing but a waste of time. Autocracy and monarchy somehow does not allow the people with greater potentials to express and speak their opinions in any platforms, narrowing the intellectuality. People were set to limit their thinking, and putting the wall of growing. Learning from the ancient civilization, how the empire was built, but ended up ruined because of incompetence emperors or the corrupted leaders as it were not chose by the talents and skills instead inherited. Without doubt, ancient civilization showed us all the significance of democracy. I believed that this is what everyone’s agree about, to live in a democracy, because when the smoke clears, when the dust settles, discrimination is what we all want to get rid of, equality, harmony, progress and justice are what people looking for. Despite of what gender, race, educational background and all, human are the same, we have the same rights, and we deserves to be protected. And so does the animal and environments, the voiceless but the most significance. 

Nur Atiqah binti Maznan

China Agricultural University 

Graduate Student

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