If ever there was anything awesome
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything magnanimous
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything that spread without limit
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything that enveloped all living and none living entities
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything known as enduring support for humanity
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything that accommodated all kinds of abuses
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything as terrific in action as a result of abuses
It was the Earth
If ever there was anything worthy of celebration today
It was the Earth
Respect the Earth
Protect the Earth
For the Earth to survive
Alongside all entities that rely on it

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Comment by Valentine Olushola Oyedipe on April 27, 2016 at 12:20pm
The Monster negligence
An enemy of progress and accomplishments
The saboteur of vision and mission
But, only when humanity welcomes it with open hands
But, many a time, it has retarded growth and development
Many a time, its lackadaisical looks have informed great loss of lives and property
At terrestrial and celestial
Still, humanity continually romances its cajolic characteristics
Still, out of sheer ignorance
Ignore me not says the mother Earth
l am the enigma,the mother Earth
l, the mother Earth has a mutually reinforcing relationship with humanity
The pleasure of a tree is the pleasure of a bird
Says African proverb
Then, how do we tame the Monster negligence?
Says mother Earth
The onus lies on humanity's shoulders
No lukewarmness
No sitting on the fence
No procrastination
No social loafing
No someone is doing it
No someone has done it
No someone will do it
But collective actions
Says the mother Earth
Arise humanity and tame the Monster negligence and its cohort indifference
Comment by Al LeBlanc on April 25, 2016 at 9:51am

If there was anything beautiful

It is the earth, the blue planet

If there is anything precious

It is life on earth, the biosphere

If there is anything moral

It is human responsibility

For our common home and common good

If there anything that is negligent

It is silence and Individual indifference

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