Ethics in the Real World by Professor Peter Singer #GlobalEthicsDay2016

Author: Olivera Z. Mijuskovic, philosopher and bioethicst

The world today is facing with the numerous challenges every day. A number of the raised issues  can actually confuse the ordinary manModern technologies in biomedicine are what looks like science fictionWorld politics and economics also lead to concern. Human rights also run debatee not only by professionals, but also by all citizens. Carnegie Council NY launched a great campaign "Global Ethics Day". This is an opportunity for people to run the world on good deeds and ethical principles in their actions either in daily or in professional life. I am proud of the fact that with the projects where I cooperate with or chair by, I participate in this noble actionMy another contribution to this day is my honest book recommendationIt`s a new book of Professor Peter Singer, who was and lecturer in the projects of Carnegie Council NY  recent years.

Professor Peter Singer published his new book "Ethics in the Real World". This book is a series of the short essays about real-world ethical issues such as climate change, extreme poverty, animals rights, abortion and euthanasia, human genetic selection (eugenics), sports doping, the ethics of high-priced art, as well as the ways of the increasing happiness. This book  came out at September 13  and the publisher is "Princeton University Press". According to statistics of the site Amazon it`s at position 1 in the section of “Philosophy of Ethics and Morality”.

This book isn`t just a a collection of ethical theoretical writings but a book that talks about the real problems in everyday life of people.
His very distinct style may lead to different interpretations, but it's actually a wealth of style of this author. This book is certainly provocative, but it`ll make you start to think ethically about important topics from everyday life.

Part of the text was originally published at the magazine "Philosophical Views".

Photo of the book: Amazon

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