Written by 

Name: Ahmed Mahmoud Elsayed Sleim 
16 years old.
High school.

STEM high school in Egypt. 

 Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today's globalized world?

Do your relation to your nation can be a wall toward the idea of globalization or the idea that all of us are human beings? At the first, you have to realize what exactly does nationalism means and how it can really effect not just a specific country it can reach to re-build our earth. Nationalism in my point of view is never just a country it does not just mean you are related to a country or you just have its nationality. Nationalism is a relation that links specific people for a mutual goal to benefit their nation it is your feeling that you are linked by this culture and land. And sharing the same responsibility towards your nation responsibly to overcome diseases, poverty, corruption each person help this by his way, by his career and in a collaborative way. Your nation is where you are grown up, your character grew on, your family, friends connected your nation is your home.
Nationalism is mainly built on the person without the person the circle of a nation will Extinct without doing duty the other will not receive their rights so they will not do their work towards you, it is a cycle. A teacher has the right to being respected it's his right which is the work of the students and A students have the right to understand concepts it is the work of the teacher towards students. With any unbalancing toward any one of the system, the system Deteriorate.

With any unbalancing toward any one of the system, the system Deteriorate. You may think that your feeling towards your nation means that there are no any nations except your nation is right. Here is the question for Why there are different nations? Why are we not all a one nation? Technically, all of us are one nation we are all human begins with the globalization we obviously can communicate with each other in different side of the world what I meant as a one nation that we all have the responsibility to benefit and to improving our nation “earth” but this large nation consist of some small nations like ( European nation – American nation – Arabian nation – Indian nation … ) but how can these small nations help the big nation “earth” If every nation or every person of different nations develop himself to be an effective person that will affect his community reach to his nation to reach to our earth. 

And one of the advantages of the nations that’s they integrate each other by creating different Characters that do not exist in another nation.
The same nation people that means that they mostly have similar rules, structures, and culture. And Nation is also related to the religion nation like the Islamic nation that Islam not focusing in tribes as it was from the last Arab ages, it focusing on the idea of a nation.
There is a pretty interesting talk from the prophet of Allah “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”
Some features you can’t find it in some countries because it created with their culture and Emergence in their nation. In Egypt or in most of Arabian countries you can been visited It means a non-respecting if you don’t accept someone gifts and you can really understand me if you visited any Arabian country that they are too Generous there are some religious factors because it is right to the guest to visit you 3 days in your home. But in most of the European countries, it seems too strange. This is the way that we are different and in my point of view differences is awesome differences able you to see creativity, not just standards persons.
This points us toward is how home welfare responsible person's adoration and love for his country?
This is different from case to case but is mainly related to education and how fair the Government towards the distribution of wealth and effort in the search for ways of teaching students ethics and moral history and how to reach their ambitions, In many nations with high welfare as Arabian Gulf citizens whom they wish to arrogate to the West country with more of the world's welfare Nations but their interest to teach the meaning of unity and science and the goal of building the nation. too low! On the other hand, in most countries in Europe who are interested in developing teaching methods to transfer it to the highest levels of most Nations now cherished by this Habitat conclude that not the welfare of the people is what controls the extent human national might be onerous, but belong to the land that reared and lived an unusual affiliation as the Prophet of Islam there is a key factor to improve the General level of citizenship by improving ways and means of education to develop a culture of an entire people.

This leads to

Is it the Government's responsibility? Or is it our responsibility?
Is the Government is responsible for all this? Why doesn't government meet our needs? There is a saying absolutely fantastic for the Prophet of Islam "As you are, your rulers will be" it is not logical to rule one prevents corruption and corrupt people and majority gives bribery and stealing and plunder. It is not logical that rules the country good person and majority of people are not good with the largest side toward the Government because if they have a good education will not generate such crimes. But from where? Where to get a good person and most corrupt society. it is your responsibility to your country to start your own to fix and develop yourself first and then the community around you to reach to the world nations.
All these concepts fit into our concept was hand toward citizenship and how to achieve them and how they might affect globalization so that citizenship is an integral part of a series of link towards the world, we have to fundamentally reform ourselves "individual" who will serve the community while cooperating and nations together were going to fix and help the Earth we live in connecting us all. So, Do you think that nationalism Is an asset or hindrance in today's globalized world?

Written by
Name: Ahmed Mahmoud Elsayed Sleim
16 years old.
High school.
STEM high school in Egypt.


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