The Gift of the QuoxxelThe Gift of the Quoxxel by Richard Titus
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If you think it is a tale of imagination and fantasy-well, then it is true. If you think it is a story book for kids –well, you are right to some extent. But more than that, it is a story that has some deeper inner meanings. In the form of the story the writer has told about the whole human kind and our endless quest for the creatures to come from outside. He satirically told about the human nature-nature that does not allow us to step outside. Then some day something extraordinary does happen- and we get the gift of our lifetime.
From this perspective-The gift of the Quoxxel by Richards Titus has much on offer as a surprise package for the reader-then just the storyline.
Here things are done in exactly the same way as had been done a thousand years ago. Here the wheels of the progress have suddenly forgotten to move on. Nothing changes here- nothing new comes here.
Welcome to the fascinating island of Nibb.
Where the king Norr signals the end of the working day with a cavemous yawn! Where the king imagines that change will come soon- but is he prepared for the same? When Yill comes in his kingdom, the scholars scratch their head to determine thinking day and night-getting perplexed- to determine what species it is? And the king-well ,he can only discuss what lies beyond his island with the Yill- who has traveled through many lands and seen many people.
“As annoying as it was, Yill was right. He was the only one with whom Norr could discuss his interest. He couldn’t speak to his wife about it. She refused to acknowledge it. His parents had always discouraged it. As Nibb’s Royal family, they maintained the traditional attitude that nothing of important lay beyond their shores. It was even considered an aberration to speak of such things,”

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Comment by Untung Waluyo on June 28, 2015 at 1:57am

good readning :) waluhyo

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