#cyberpeacefare "Sin of Omission" /Margaret E Sangster

"It isn't the thing you do;

It's the thing you leave undone,

Which gives you a bit of heartache

At the setting sun.


........The stone you might have lifted

Out of a brother's way,

The bit of heartsome counsel

You were too hurried to say.

"We are the world"-"U & Me -UsAll"- "Let's Make IT Bet Ter"

("Don't Leave Undone"  - Become Cyberpeacecitizen - RT "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" song lyrics - OR- Retweet this Posting.  Be "like a butterfly causing a tsunami" (chaos theory) - Cause a Universal Peace Uprising - Only takes a momentary conscience ?) Al

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Speech Police: The Global Struggle to Govern the Internet, with David Kaye

The original idea of the Internet was for it be a "free speech nirvana," but in 2019, the reality is quite different. Authoritarians spread disinformation and extremists incite hatred, often on the huge, U.S.-based platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. David Kaye, UN special rapporteur on freedom of opinion & expression, details the different approaches to these issues in Europe and the United States and looks for solutions in this informed and important talk.

The Anti-Narrative

Among the electorate, especially since the 2016 election, there is a counter-narrative at play regarding the role of the U.S. in international affairs. This "anti-narrative" has two main planks. The first is an across-the-board distrust of the media. The second is the "death of expertise."

The DEA in Honduras: Targeting Corruption in High Places

In Honduras, activists like Edwin Espinal are among the latest victims of a government whose level of corruption has made it incompatible with democratic development. A number of efforts are being made to combat this corruption, however, among them, surprisingly, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). DEA efforts in this regard began in 2012, a year that turned out to be a spectacular failure for the DEA.





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