Cyber peacefare

A phenomenon

A magnificent reality of our time and generation

Cyber peacefare, the wisdom of this era, that hooks on to the knowledge of science and technology

Cyber peacefare, the rallying point for similar minded humanity, in pursuit of one phenomenon  called Peace in holism

Cyber peacefare, the phenomenon that suffered from the jaundice views of pessimism

As suffered since the time of  great inventors like Michael Faraday, the Wrights Brothers, Karl Benz etc,

Cyber peacefare, the ever resilient phenomenon whose breath spreads to the northern and southern hemisphere of the globe,

And locating itself in the tropic of Capricorn and Cancer

The Arctic and the Anti-arctic

Crossing from the  Pacific to the Atlantic

And from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

Suggesting its wholesomeness and universality

Cyber peacefare, the pathfinder

The beacon of hope of our time

The weaponry of  Cyber peace citizens

Whose lofty ideas travel without political boundaries to cause tidal waves

Just as the butterfly did in the ages past,

This still fresh in our memories

Upon which Cyber peacefare philosophy rests

For a little thing of such and, so small a philosophy

Had hitherto  confounded the wise ones of the ages past


Has indeed come, and strongly rooted in humanity and the survival of the planet Earth

Cyber peace citizens, arise and twit to cause the tidal wave- YOU/ME/AND US ALL

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Comment by Al LeBlanc on May 29, 2014 at 7:19pm

Valentine:  Thanks for your courage - another "pebble" to take on Goliath of Indifference !  Al

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