Edward Alewine

Ms. Wolke


5 November 2014

                        Crime is Afoot


           Crime. We see it everywhere, in movies, on the news, and its even right in front of you, sometimes. When people tell say something about a criminal, we just brush it off, not thinking that it could ever happen to them. Those who have been scarred for life because they have came home and seen someone else in their house or have been home when someone broke in, especially children of young age. No one in the world should have to go through that or explain to their children why there was a man trying to get into their house. I never would worry as a child about someone being there when I got home from school or got back from soccer, but there are those who worry about it everyday. Even though it never happens to me I am still scared.                

It’s not all the time a criminal act is just breaking into people house. There is terrorism which quite a bit people worry about especially since the 9/11 incident happened. The major question is why? Why do people do criminal acts? Some do it for the money. However some do it because they think their opinion is better than anyone else,or because it’s their religion. I don't like anything to do with crime. Whether it is stealing or killing it should just stop.

I know that not all crime can be stopped, there will still be people who think they’re better than others, There will still be bombing, assault, rape, and other criminal acts. I’ve watched plenty of movies about crimes but is has little to no evidence about what happens in real life most people who watch shows think that every criminal in the United States is in jail or is getting put in jail. The facts are, however that a lot of people get away with criminal acts such as kidnapping and breaking into people's houses.

Crime can sometime be good though without it we would not have police officers and that would be lack of jobs that America needs. Furthermore some crime could be good like the mythic tale of Robin Hood, who created a crime by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. That kind of crime should be punished but not as harsh. Even America creates crime by killing other people in the fact of war, many people do not think about it like that , they think  that war is necessary to stay free from other people taking over the United States, it is. Without crime in the world there would still be arguments that would be perfectly fine if they had argument and other ideas or dislikes but it could easily be fixed without conflict from and sorts of crime.
    People also think crime is always in person or theft and other types of typical criminal acts. A lot of people do not think of the internet, well there is. On the internet there are people who scam for money, they will that they're selling something and “sell it” but they will send a cheap knockoff, fake, or even nothing in the box this could be reported but little to nothing will happen to thief because he/she could lie to the website and/or sign up list. There are so many different websites people can do this from so if they get caught and banned from the website they either go to a different one and/or they create a different account.

I  have experienced crime in my life. When I was young , I lived with my mom, there was issues my mom was an alcoholic at the time and was not raising us properly so one day my sister needed diapers, we decided to go to the store. My Mom did not have a vehicle so we had to walk while walking my mom was pulled over so to speak by cop who saw that she was drunk this was not a major crime but the child protective service did not like that we ended up getting taken away from my mom. As I said it was not a big crime but it was still a crime so we went to live with my aunt.

A lot of people also do not think of the army to do any criminal act . The army does, they murder thousands of people in the world and sometimes it is hard to believe that they rape and also just do not kill other people trying to harm them but also innocent  people. They are not the ones to say it loud and proud but they do. Which is really sad if we want crime to go down. We will have to make sure everyone one in the army, military and also police officers do not do kill, murder, or rape anybody they come across.  It will be literally impossible to stop crime if the suspects and army give in to bribes and threats we should have a no tolerance prison were the worst type of crime committers go.

Crime can easily change throughout the next one hundred years. How it can change is easily by having more police officer to help stop little crimes. Like speeding and talking on the cell phone if this were the case then we could easily take crime down a lot. The reason it would decrease crime is because the criminals would see that the world has gotten stricter in cracking down on crime so more people would stop doing it and the world could be more peaceful. If we stopped little crimes there would be no one to start committing big crimes because most criminals start off by doing little petty crimes that now one really cares about. So all together I think that the entire world could prevent a lot of criminals act by bunkering down and stopping a  lot of criminals in their tracts.

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