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Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on August 24, 2013 at 6:33am

Peace is honorable; i am all for peace. However, at what price? Does fabricating history in exchange for building a 'Peace House' constitute validity? What happens to such a house when the truth is found out? Crying, gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands and folks who's trust you've lost with your lack of credibility.  A Peace can only be derived on truths or you have made things worse than you started.

Yes Al, i believe in forgiveness.  i also believe murder needs to be prosecuted for the sake of the innocents who we of responsible behavior, are required to protect. 

Comment by Al LeBlanc on August 23, 2013 at 10:39am

Joseph: Thanks ! Appreciate your taking the time to respond. Jesus died on the Cross for all of mankind, including Muslims. Humans are not infallible with absolute truths/self rightiousness, including you and me.  "Our Father....forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..."Do you believe in "forgiveness" ?  I take it you believe that trying to spark a cyberworld peace uprising by u&me/usall humanity is insanity ? Well I would rather be a uniter than a divider, "the glass is at least half full versus half-empty."  

Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on August 23, 2013 at 9:47am

Andreas. Treat people how they want to be treated?  Well a significant portion of human nature will surely want undeserved promotion and undeserved raise and the unrestricted sweet tooth will want a rich diet of ice cream and cake and jelly beans to heart's content and please do not restrict the 'peoples in question' who have developed a hankering for torturing folk that they want to torture. What are you going to do when that is the treatment they want from you?  See, not all structure is bad.  By treating at least 1/4 of the world's population like they want to be treated would be acquiescing to allowing them free reign to do harm, as their societal customs may be. This is asking for trouble. 

Al LeBlanc, much has happened since 2000 BC about the time Abraham was around . Yes, we have common Abraham as the Father of both Issac and Ishmael, however, Mohammed came along in early 600's AD and changed much of what Abraham stood for into the Islamic religion of today that would make Abraham cringe.  After cringing, Abraham would bristle in rage and take down, with a hammer fist, the perpetrators of the fraud we see today masquerading as a religion.  

What god gives guns and toxic ideology to children in effort to brainwash them into enslaving other people groups like Star Trek's 'The BORG'?  Satan.

What god calls for the murder of innocents to advance his ideology? Satan disguised in the religion of islam. Please stop insulting all Christians by grouping us in with this god who is not god at all, rather satan saying he is the same god as all the other gods to get guys like you confused.  You will get no traction in any blog seeking that roadway as you are contradicting against the actual precepts[facts], of Jehovah/Yahweh/Adonai Himself. If you want God to bless your efforts, get with HIS program that HE has already outlined, profusely in skatey eight versions of HIS Bible.

As far as Islam and Jesus, the two are diametrically opposed on every major play. Which one would any common sense at all, benefit, by adhering to? 

Al, "2.0 Blog Rules: Respect anybody's opinion - ignore outright ignorance - objective is to learn and to try to contribute understanding, especially of Terrorists  Killing of Innocent."

Killing Innocents is Murder. This murder is authorized by certain tenants of Religion of Islam. Get a grip. Do you need to go to District Attorney school to get the stats on outcome of that sort of behavior gone unchecked? I would imagine very few have respect for murderers of innocent, unless they are psychopathic and/or sociopathic.  GOD, the real GOD of the Bible, hates hands that shed innocent blood. From Proverbs 6:

"16 These six things does the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,..."

This is one of Allah's favorite methods of murder, murdering innocents. Al, get real...the Creator of the Universe is not schizophrenic otherwise the whole Universe would extinct itself.

Al you are calling for a very honorable human trait, peaceful co-existence. This can only be accomplished by adhering to agreed upon, contractual mutually arranged concordances.

Besides all that, your problem is identified as people, populations of the earth when in fact the real problem lies in nefarious folks who have weaseled themselves into the top of each nation's political pyramid. Me thinks you ought to be looking for a world class DA, to prosecute those whose crimes against humanity will always block world peace. We the people, especially Christians who are here to serve humanity according to Jehovah/Yahweh/Adonai's plan, are already believers in and fans of peace.

Comment by Al LeBlanc on August 23, 2013 at 7:10am

Evan/Andrea/Joseph/Anybody: Need ideas/recommendations to spark Cyberpeacefare World Peace Uprising. As you know, not able get viral.RTs "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."&u/usall" What think u idea "PeaceNickRebellion" , "CyberPeaceNerds" or some ketchy  fad approach. Have tried enlisting Bieber Army and other celebrities, including POTUS & FLOTUS. Yeah ! I'm getting tired charging windmills-"impossible dream."

Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on July 27, 2013 at 3:36pm

Al, what? No answer for the next 21 "malcontents" who daily vow with popular terrorist "religion" to destroy our beautiful world as we know and love her? Who have vowed to remake the entire population into their "religion of peace" and cut off heads of any who do not toe their totalitarian line?

And what is your answer to the bully screaming intolerance when authentic peace loving people conscript a night watchman to protect some semblance of peace in their neighborhood?

Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on July 20, 2013 at 5:30pm

Hopefully you are not comparing apples to oranges, ie: what Dark Ages "so called Christians" did to anyone and what islamofascism has been and is all about in 1700 or in 2013. I do not see any of your so called "moderate" Islamics condemning terrorism or turning terrorists in that hide behind women and children and Imams of their own community.

Fast forward to 2013, the present, where you have laid out this PeaceTrain challenge. How many Catholics are going to hide a terrorist in their midst? How many Protestants think they were doing Jesus a favor by hiding terrorists in their midst?

And my question to you remains, how do you expect to peacefully convince all the "bullies" in the world to suddenly behave like they are Mahatma Ghandi? His Honor, Mayor Bloomberg cannot even get school children on the local New York City bus to do that.

What is it that i am not convincing you of? i mean you have not answered any of my questions except with riddles, half truths and slipshod pivot, parry and change the subject.  And what is it that you are trying to convince us of? That a group of internet bloggers are going to redeem humanity to peace, something EarthMaker Himself, Who refers to Himself - The King of Peace, only has limited success with? y.

Comment by Al LeBlanc on July 20, 2013 at 1:09pm

Joseph: Agree that Militant Islam is a Political Movement "according to their tenets and rules" which are contradictory/unethical /immoral" to Judaiic-Christian Values.  E.G. Killing Innocent People: 9/11 World Trade Center,  Shia/Sunni Conflict-killing innocent civilians, bombing of Mosques etc is insane. However, I believe we can't label All Muslims as Militant Jihadists. There are Moderate Jihadists out there.  Historically, I recall, the political killing, torturing of Protestants vs Catholics (both sides) and the Burning of Joan of Arc (have visited the site). Enough, seems to me we agree  to disagree and neither one of us is going to convince the other. Recommend we end the conversation. Again, appreciate your views and courage to not be "politically correct" or indifferent to moral values. RogerOut Al

Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on July 20, 2013 at 10:16am

Al, even if we bring zero religious beliefs into the picture, let us talk about that 7 billion.  What in the world are you thinking that you can you figure the couple billion "mal-contents" are going to go along with what a group of people on an internet chat are going to come up with? Especially when one considers it only took 21 islamo-fascist "malcontents" hijacking a couple planes and a handler in a cave somewhere to bring about a change for the worse in the entire world?

This statement you make about majority wanting peace; what is that 4 billion give or take? Then you have to consider the peace they want.  Islamofascism, which is not a religion but a military movement disguised as a religion", wants peace, sure, according to their tenants and rules that are out of sorts with the rest of the population of the earth. And the peace that totalitarians want, sure they want peace, according to their hijacked mentality, and so it goes, with each group wanting a peace that is "out of sorts" and "at odds" with the rest of humanity.

For example, do you really think anyone can make a lasting peace with a vodka brain person? Or a poppy mentality? Or any other drug cartel mentality?  Do you think anyone can make peace with political ideologues who have an ego as big as Texas and think only their "aristocratic fancy" on peace is the way to go?  And these aristocrats will never cease bankrolling their enforcement of their particular peace unless you know something about the "aristocracy of the wealthy" that the rest of don't know?  So in the end, are you talking about an earth wide "brokered peace" enforced by some UN peacekeeping amalgamation that has proven shady, self-interested and with mega splinter special interests and backstabbing since the Korean War? 

I just don't get the reality of what you are asking. Maybe it is just me. Maybe i am the problem because i can't get past the bully at the convenience store canvassing people for $20.

Comment by Al LeBlanc on July 20, 2013 at 9:17am

Although we agree to disagree on various aspects of Religious Beliefs, I fully agree with you on the ethical/moral example/teachings of Jesus and His Apostles and the Bible as the "Greatest Book/Story Ever Told." Further, I assume that we Christians believe that the "Golden Rule" sermon on the mount is a primary tenet of Christianity. Yes, there are 100's of millions (or even billions) evil doers out there, but I believe the vast majority of the world"s 7 Billion Population want: peace, freedom of: speech/assembly/worship/democracy,equal justice and a better life for themselves,children and grandkids.  "With malice towards none and charity for all........"

Comment by Joseph Peppe, ND on July 19, 2013 at 6:42pm

I just don't ever see a vast number of folks agreeing to any of these moral parameters no matter what. In other words you couldn't even pay many, many earthmen to behave peacefully. That is what governments are supposed to be about, protecting the people from predators.  Instead we have the predators weaseling their way into heads of state, acting out all manner of evil.  The way you are phrasing it seems you just expect everyone on earth, bullies, murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, cult-leaders, dictators, greedy bastards, terrorists, whack jobs, etc., etc, to all of a sudden decide to walk in love like Jesus Christ but without Jesus Christ.  Kinda tall order, don't you think?

And just because you and a host of others don't believe what the Creator of the Universe came to earth in 0 AD to tell us in person, really matters not in the face of the reality of how HE said things are going to go.  If you are interested in future, check out the events we are on the cusp of in the Last Chapter of HIS Book, Revelation - The Apocalypse.

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