What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?

What is the future? Does it exist at all? Can we change it, or everyone has his or her own destiny? These are philosophic questions which people always try to answer. Nevertheless, every person thinks of the future. We always make plans, dream about something. More often people dream about happiness and always connect this concept with the concept of future. That is why, imagining better future I imagine all people happy. But not everything is in our hands, because there are many factors that can change our present and future forever. To my mind, these factors are wars, illnesses and cultural decline of society. Have you ever thought about it?
First of all, I want to share my thoughts about the future of my country, because happiness of the individuals depends greatly on the welfare of the country where they live. I am from Ukraine and this is a beautiful country with ancient traditions and hospitable people. I love my country and I think that it is the most beautiful place on the earth. Like all people on our planet Ukrainians believe in better future, but nowadays it is very difficult to make plans because of the war. People live in the present and are afraid of the future. Many young men are dying in the East of Ukraine. Children and women are left without fathers and husbands. That is why, Ukrainian nation is degrading. Wars kill people physically and morally. People of our country are in a big sorrow nowadays. We learn from the news about dozens of deaths every day, but the number of people who are lost is even greater. There are a lot of refugees from Lugansk and Donezk, who have to leave their houses where they wanted to live and to build their own future. To my mind, wars KILL the FUTURE of countries, nations and individuals. So, we must stop all wars in the world to give people hope for the future. We live in the twenty-first century, in the epoch of highly developed technologies, but we have forgotten about so simple thing as the value of people's lives. We had enough wars in the twentieth century. We had enough blood and sufferings. Thus, in this century I would like to see the world without wars, where people can solve problems using dialogues not weapons.
Secondly, if to speak about better future for all people on our planet, I should say that only healthy people can be happy. That is why, I would like to see the doctors discovering effective medicines for curing cancer and AIDS in this century. Of course, there are some modern technologies that help to cure people with these illnesses, but not all people can afford buying expensive medicines and paying for operations. Many children are born with cancer and other incurable diseases. How can the humanity stop these illnesses? In my opinion, governments must allocate much money to help people who cannot afford expensive medical treatment. Moreover, all diseases are caused by pollution of the environment. We must take care of our planet and then we will not face new viruses and diseases. All people should help each other. We must not be indifferent, because indifference, to my mind, is the reason of many problems. The twenty-first century must be the century when people will stop investing money to the development of new weapons and will start investing money to the development of the medicine and protection of the environment.
Thirdly, in the future I see our generation not only technically developed and healthy, but also highly intelligent. One of the problems of our century is people’s cultural decline. What does it mean to be highly intelligent? It means to be clever, have own opinion and point of view, be independent and competent. Unfortunately, silliness flourishes in our society. To be intelligent is not in trend nowadays. People forget about their moral development and have limited intelligence. Many people think that reading books and self-development are not important nowadays. The books contain the wisdom of the people. People should read books to be competent and literate. But, unfortunately, the erudition is irrelevant today. So, in my opinion, our society must be changed. People should develop themselves not only physically, but also morally. Many science-fiction authors have predicted cultural decline of the society in their masterpieces. Ray Douglas Bradbury, an American science fiction and fantasy writer, is one of them. He is best known for his novel “Fahrenheit 451” which he wrote in 1953. In this novel the author depicted the society without moral values. The books were outlawed and “firemen” burnt all books, which they found. Together with the books people lost the wisdom of ancestors. People forgot about their past and they lost their future. It is easier to control people who do not have their own point of view and who are silly. That is why, in this century I would like to see highly intelligent and literate people.
To sum it up, I should say that thinking about future people often dream about space ships, portals, highly developed technique. But all these modern technologies will not make them happy. To my mind, people will be happy if they are healthy, intelligent and if they find the way to prevent wars in our world. In this century I would like to see all children on our planet laughing and people smiling every day. I would like to hear only good news about the life of people all over the world. I would like to see all people happy and healthy. This is my dream. But I know that sometimes when you believe in your dreams they may come true. I like the words of Ray Bradbury: “I do not try to describe the future. I try to prevent it”. I agree with him, because only we can change our life and future. Fate of future depends on us and our deals. We must live every day as the last day of our life. To my mind, every person in our world must be happy. We must not think about past, because it has already gone, certainly, we should think about the future but it has not happened yet. That is why, foremost we must live in the present! Are you with me?

Written by

Ajnura Alieva - student of Kirovograd Kollegium (high school)

Julia Tuzkova - teacher of Kirovograd Kollegium (Magister Degree)

Ukraine, Kirovograd

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Comment by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 25, 2015 at 1:43pm

so you think it's more dangerous living in Eastern Europe than in Africa? I live in Cameroon! i'm 25 years old, and the president of cameroon has been in power for close to 33 years. i dont really care if he's dictator or not. if cameroonian dont want him, fine! i'll join the masses and we'll protest. it's funny when the french president is the one talking about Cameroon. what happened in LIBYAN? your mighty liberation Army called NATO destroyed Lybia, though the African Union firmly denied any froriegn intervention. today, BOKo haram is using the arms that were used in the LiBYAN war. Cameroonians are dying every week because of a mess the western vision created! the armies of NIGERIA, NIGER and TCHAD have fled several time living the Cameroonian army at the mercy of these terrorists. if cameroon didnt have a special force, i'm suer the violence would have already reached the capital. the president of cameroon has asked for financial help from the countries that destroyed Libya. do you know the counties that have responded? Russia and China. Warfare is about what you want to believe. we may all see the same thing, but we may have different interpretations. the western way maybe good, but it is not the only way. we have to have this spirit of "understanding" as carnegians. let our feelings not mask our judgement. it's not personal Al, it's just a reality we face everyday.

Comment by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 25, 2015 at 1:26pm

hahahaa! the phrase NATO is not a threat to Russia. yet i have heard former president michael Gorbachev openly says that NATO did not respect its obligations. what about the new doctrine in Russia considering NATO a threat? the problem is that the west is trying to make Ukrainian believe that they can exist without Russia! these people have a common history! What about Belarus, Kazarkstan and kyrgystan? is Russia a threat to them too?  in french there is what we call "UNE POLITIQUE A DEUX POIDS DE MESURES" meaning  a politics with two different scales. it's either you are doing it the western way, or the wrong way! Atleast withthe western way, Russia is an agressive state. have you asked the Cubas, the venezuelas, the nicaraguas, the argentinas and other american countries what they think about the US? in Africa, the pains of the independence era that wa accompanied witha deep involvement of the CIA and the french secrete service are still lingering...it's not about RUSSIA, but about the western vision of the world. i dont prefer the russian or the chinesse vision of the world, i just believe in a world where each country determines its future.. let me ask you this very important question AL- where would you rather live?

- in a country where you think you are free, but you arent

-in a country where you arent free and you know you arent

-in a country that doesnt care the number of innocent people that are killed in another soveriegn country just to chek it's own security

- in a country where it's currency is used as a weapon to kill smaller states that dont aggree with them

Comment by Al LeBlanc on January 24, 2015 at 11:00am

Archiri:  Understand where you're coming from as far as: colonialism, apartheid, slavery, occupation, persecution, etal.  Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. had been under Russian Domination.  These countries want more "freedom and self determination" from the Russian Yoke and want to join NATO and the European Union  for security and economic reasons. Putin's undercover invasion of the Ukraine is Threat to their freedom.  It should be obvious "who threatens who" , if you lived in Eastern Europe.  NATO Expansion is a result of former  Warsaw Pact countries wanting  to Counter Russian Domination.  NATO is not a threat to Russia.  

Comment by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 24, 2015 at 8:57am

i really like some of the ideas you put forward, but as african, i'll deffer with you on the fact that we have to forget about the past. we are who we are because of the past.you say Ukraine is fighting for it's independence from russia the agressor- yet africans have been fighting racism, classism, imperialism since the abolition of slavery. bad behavior is bad behavior and it'll go down in history as bad behavior. the fact that something existed in the past would certainly have repercussions in the future- the butterfly effects in the CHAOS Theory. there is the future because a past existed...there is no future if there is no past...in the present, what can we do?

Comment by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 24, 2015 at 8:41am

the politics of double standards is what's killing society. it is very normal to condemn russia of an alleged support of separatist, but it is okay for saudi arabia o support terrorists and qatar to finance hamas. Saudi arabia is a theocracy and is supported by washington meanwhile Iran is a democary and is not. it is okay for world leaders to go to paris after the death of 17 french killed by terrorists, but no body cares when 2000 nigerians are killed in the space of three days be terrorists....

Comment by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 24, 2015 at 6:55am

i dont agree with Al's comment... surely in the West, NATO represents a liberation army and the keeper of peace. tha is far from being what i think. let be rational- whent the soviet union collapsed, NATO continued to expand. who threatens who? it the same thing in the east- Chinese expansion and the pivot to asia. again who is containing who? in Africa, we see NATO as the Destroyer of free countries and the promoter of chaos. I know Putin plays some dangerous war games, but he's not the cause of the war in ukraine. He has interests in eastern Ukraine, but the true solution to the conflict lies in the hands of Petro and Zarkachenko. if we truely want cyberpeace, we wont praise NATO and condemn PUTIN, praise king ABDALLAH of saudi Arabia and Condemn president XI of china, praise benjamin netanyahu and condemn Asad. these conflicts all have two different ways of being looked upon. you'll agree with me following samuel huntington's quote that "Every civilization sees itself as the center of the world and writes its history as the central drama of human history"...

Comment by Nadezhda Kalinova on November 3, 2014 at 10:26am

if you answer the question who causes wars, then you will have some idea what or whom to fight against or use your mind to solve the problem; by the way, it is not a good idea to use so many generalizations; for example, if I understood well, you are just a student and your  life and experiences in this world cannot be any reason for bringing bad things in it, so you cannot burden yourself with the sins of adult people around the world; anyway, the problems are really  serious: wars, famina, immmorality,corruption, drugs, prostitution, etc, and they cannot be solved now or in the future,things can change for the better if only the adult people who occupy the governmental posts in every country and on whose decisions in every aspect of life our own life depends, really start to care about the existence of humans and our planet earth, the task of us - the ordinary humans is to remind them that we exist in different ways - mass protests, marches, strikes, civil disobedience, rallies, etc, to assert our rights - this is the only way for us to be heard, in short we must be active, not passive or indifferent; this is the opinion of an ordinary person, who is trying to make a difference in my environment by teaching young people moral values and respect for them and how to  to withstand their positions.

Comment by Julia on October 29, 2014 at 1:34pm

Thank you for your comment:) We really appreciate that the world stands with us. It gives us hope that we will live in the independent country!

Comment by Al LeBlanc on October 28, 2014 at 4:20pm

Great Article !  Especially need "to stop all wars - they KILL THE FUTURE" of UsAll and the Planet.  Hopefully, Putin will realize "peace" is a win-win strategy in the long run; NATO and the free world stand with the Ukraine.   Nowadays, "we the people of the planet" are interconnected in words and deeds in cyberspace.  We all need to exercise this personal cyber power to contribute our "drop of water" to a cyber world peace uprising/tsunami (butterfly effect). Check out Cyberpeacefare and become CyberPeaceCitizen.  AL

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