An Election to Decide India as Roaring Tiger

India is huge country and Journalists like Mark Tully(Upcountry Tales: Once Upon a Time in the Heart of India,No Full Stops in India,A Heart of India),Sam Miller(A Strange Kind of Paradise: India Through Foreign Eyes,Francois Gautier(A History of India as it Happened: Not as it Has Been Written),Rudyard Kipling(The Jungle Book),William Dalrymple(City of Joy),Madhukar Upadhyay(50 Days Before Freedom) has been trying to explore India from past 25-100 years respectively. They all have agreed that Elections in any democracy is a powerful tool to  elect its leaders but when we talk about India which is world’s second largest democracy we can add element of color,excitement,religion,caste,development,languages and so on.

Lets agree on this single fact that India’s political destiny is now in hands of Nationalist forces and I am seeing that Nationalism is in thing all across the globe. China is having a state sponsored policy in all sectors which though them claim is reflection of Communist Philosophy but actually matches up with their Nationalist agenda. President Donald Trump is employing rather toughest nationalist policy by coining a phrase “America First”. His trade policies, his defense policies, his foreign policies all are a try to protect America from any kind of foreign invasion. Recently he expelled 52 Pakistani Nationals citing various immigration laws and who were disturbing America in his eyes. This can be understood as one of the biggest and toughest stand by Trump Administration against a so called friend.

Coming to India again. India has been on rise for past five years .There has been several challenges but  Modi Administration scale through it safely and without a single corruption charge. Much hype was created by Congress on Rafael  but no proof emerged out till the final voting day of election.


Modi administration launched around 150 new schemes and government has been rapidly applying those schemes. This fact is one big reason which public at large also will  realize to bring back Modi again in power.

West Bengal has always been under influence of Maoist China and China has a observational eye on W.Bengal,Bangla Desh and Myanmar due to variety of reasons. One is to convince India on One Belt One Road.Second is to use this route to infiltrate Chinese goods in India and third supporting Maoist element and activities in region.

CPI and CPI(M) has been ruling the state this land of revolutionaries who were defeated by a slightly liberal Mamata Banerjee but she turned out to be a disaster and hence BJP has a strong hope in W.Bengal.

Naveen Patnayak has already opened the gates for BJP in Orissa and firebrand BJP spokes person Sambit Patra hails from that state hence Orissa will also fall in BJP’s bowl.

BJP has been performing well in North East and this time too it will do good there.

The opposition is divided in Kannada,Tamil,Talugu,Telangana,Tulu,Konkana and Malyalam belt. In my opinion BJP is all set to hear good news from those areas.

The three state where BJP lost assembly polls namely Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh was due the leaders of state level. In Loksabha polls they will improve magically.

Coming to Gujrat.It has turned in to bastion of RSS-BJP and this time too BJP is winning here.

Uttarkhand has been saffron since its inception and will remain so. Punjab may surprise and so is Himanchal Pradesh and J & K.

Uttrar Pradesh and land of Lord Rama  who gave the taste of power to BJP was the real battle ground  may not repeat 2014 but BJP will still have hold here while the land of Mata Janaki will boost BJP Morale.

All things falling in place and its saffron in dark this time too.

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