The Bounce!: A Story of love, loss and the life of a global IndianThe Bounce!: A Story of love, loss and the life of a global Indian by Mohan .
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It is a straightforward story that appeals directly to the heart with its utter simplicity. Short and well directed- this is my one phrase expression for this novella of class-that depicts the story of a dream being chased, how it feels when the dream gets shuttered and how human will, can again triumph against odds. Even when there are darkest days- human life moves on and one day again stands under the blue welkin.
In the novella-‘the bounce’ by Mohan- I am a little confused (like the India born confused desis like our protagonist Raj) about the genre of the book. Well, romance story it is no doubt but more than that it is a family story-where the Indian tradition has been well narrated. And our protagonist, too in spite of being a green card holder is well rooted to Indian values.
it is the personal experience of Mohon that helped him to pen down reality about the work status of white color workers in the developed world , migrated from the developing world- their agony for citizenship, their tantalizing moments after the green card application, their haunting nightmare of being declared an illegal immigrant – all have craved their way in the story. you do not have to go further, our protagonist will tell about his organization

“Nearly two thousand techies worked in WorldTel’s Garden of Gods (GoG), the software development center in Colorado Springs, CO. About a third of this workforce happened to be Indian origin, subcontractors like me who had migrated from different parts of India on H1 work visas. This was a time when it was rather easy for smaller IT consulting firms, sometimes called body shops, to sponsor American work visas for Indian graduates and engineers who knew computer programming. At the time of my move to Colorado, many of my classmates from engineering college had moved to different cities across America.”

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Comment by Untung Waluyo on June 28, 2015 at 1:58am

good readning :) waluhyo

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