The unforgettable voyage to the land of where success initiated. one after noon while sitting in my class room with peers during recess period who also applied to the yale young Africa program receiv…

The unforgettable voyage to the land of where success initiated.

one after noon while sitting in my class room with peers during recess period who also applied to the yale young Africa program received an email notifying them about the out come of their results, when they check their applications status most of them where not accepted for the program.I began to worry about my application for that most of my peer where not accepted been for of humiliation that my application will not also be accepted .I quietly left the class and when to the language art department office and take a few break, while breaking I asked one of my teacher for their phone to check my email for the YYAS application status when my teacher give me his phone to check out my result.while dating through it I saw a link in my email notifying me to used a link to check my application status when I used the link the first word I saw was (congratulation!) you have beep accepted to participate in the YYAS 2018 program in Ghana receiving this acceptance letter I became the most important person and the most happiest person on earth at that moment. after my acceptance to the program I became to meet other applicant whom were also accepted from difference country on one social media.

My departure and arriving at Ghana airport was a struggle at birth.

Lately in the morning on my way to the Robbert international airport been escorted by my uncle and brothers of mine was a pace leading to a million of giants steps.First time in history for this native African child to enter and sit in the terminal to wait for a plane that is to peak him up.while sitting ,in the next few minute our flight arrived to pick us to our destination .I could not imagine this African child seeing himself sitting in the plane.when I entered the plane sitting beside people from different environment with diverse culture and language,but however I was able to get in connection with those people after few hours on the plane.Flying over the world could not happen by itself,but by the efforts of (YYAS) in the cause of promoting our dignity.
Arriving in Ghana at Toko-to international airport is one of the day that I will not forget about in my life ,meanwhile I was seeing new thing,new people and also seeing technological advancement in African which was fascinating to know more about, and change my perspective about regarding most African countries been under-developed. Interacting with new friends from around the world,this does not happen spiritually,but by eager of (YYAS) to help promote young African in their quest for education.
My first day at the Yale young African scholars program in Ghana was the day for all.

Early in the morning after having break fast with peers ,we were summoned for SAT test which distinguish between scholar, and non scholars.while taking the test it was so tedious,because it was my first time to have taken such scholastic test,and I scored the worst grade ever before,But as we goes through the SAT tutorial classes in the next few days, the test became more easier and most understandable to me then ever before. Moving all around the campus with peers sharing common culture,ideas,and school of thought about how life can be enhance through the opportunities ,and education that friends share with each other. These days shall be remember in every aspect of life that we shall made in history as a day of historical chronicle which has prepare our academic muscle for future challenges.

Lecture by professors,and Yale students was so: Educative,Promotive,Explosive and were fascinating as well.

Meeting world renowned ,competent recognize professors from different universities. with different profession in enlightening the mind of young African in becoming a change makers and social transformers.Having the opportunities to meet those people have change my perspective about the nature phenomena world that we live in this 21st century .were I learned about more about robotic,and how it has been contributing to the development of the world. And immediately I started to have love and passion for studying robotic for my future course.But as long I decided to sit and await another lecturers who had study politics,democratic as his way of life.I mostly get influence,and totally change my desire of been a robotic by professor at yale who lecture us about democratic,law and politics.I begin inspire to study politic and democratic and law ,and his lecture also enhance my knowledge ,and motivated me to became a global teen leader in exercising democratic as a way of life.the more I meet professors with diverse knowledge and wisdom in their chosen field the eager and inquisitive I become for my educational sojourn.
YYAS is a program that was organized by group of scholars and visionary at the Yale University in order to help enlighten the mind of young African scholars in seeking for success.And to help those young children who are economically disadvantaged and have no access to getting opportunities where as there are thousand available.this program has impacted positively on the way to where my dream lies.grounps discussion,workshop,groups presentation was crucial to the growth and the development of my life. As for that I was a victim of agoraphobia were I used to be afraid of speaking before people .but after going through constant presentation group discussion and workshop help me to have the opportunities of been mentally capacious,and enhance my intellectual ability to shared my opinion;view about life with others peers .My attendance at ( YYAS)program has eradicate ignorance my faces;it has help me to meet with professors.such event at YYAS has increases the love I usually have for the human family,and leadership skill because I can now stand before thousand of people and speak to them and my voice will be taking into consideration for what it meant.
The result of this event had convey to that Iam a change maker and a social transformer .Iam capable of making a relevant decision to a group of people that will influence their life on the positive aspect ,by making them a go-getter,and a social transformer like myself.
My present at YYAS was a pleasure,and full of growing life for my Community and my country as well.

Been to the rodeo of life journey was a better representation of my country. Coming back to my home country with a lot of experience been acquired at the Yale Young African Scholars Program from Yale students,and professors purposely to impact, and contribute to the growth and development of our society and contributing to the formulation of young children life who are a victim of extreme poor economy situation,and lacking necessary resources to have access to getting opportunities.This experience had lead to a bottomless pit of success in my life.because I have now have the ideas of creating better environment through innovation,and initiation for the needed people through volunteerism.

Right now I am able to benefit the human society through what I learned from the Yale Young African Scholars Program.
So cadres, counterparts, comrades please after reading this blog do not hesitate to get an inquiry about the YYAS and make an effort to apply as soon as possible.
By Amara M.Kamara

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Comment by Amara M. Kamara on March 2, 2019 at 6:47am
Ok thanks you so much for your worlds.
Comment by Al LeBlanc on February 25, 2019 at 9:58pm

Congratulations Amara !  Sounds like challenging opportunity - Best Wishes   Al LeBlanc

Comment by Verchamoh L. Kamara on February 12, 2019 at 7:54pm

Great! After reading your work, I take that you are now equipped and ready to do some community services. Keep the hard work on and contribute in the fight for a vibrant community.

Comment by Amara M. Kamara on February 12, 2019 at 12:11pm
Ok thanks
Comment by Carnegie Council on February 12, 2019 at 11:57am

Congratulations, Amara!

Carnegie Council

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