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Living with Differences

I believe art is a way of communication we can use to help us appreciate our differences as we share our similarities.

Caroline Chelovitz
Firestone High School
Akron, OH, USA

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Traveling through Burma and Thailand last summer, I instructed each group of kids I encountered on the importance of making a good peace sign. As Einstein said, "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding."

Caroline Chelovitz

Firestone High School

Akron, OH…


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Living with Differences

Traveling through vast northern Burma I was continually aware of the cultural differences facing me in this part of the world all but shut off from western civilization until less than 10 years ago. How surprised was I to find this group of young buddhists doing the same thing my 9 year old brother was probably doing half a world away. Our connected world is a window…


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