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Who Will Win if a war Breaks Out Between India and Pakistan: Expert Unbiased Analysis



At the outset, let me start off by saying that like the topic under which the OP has been filed (Hypothetical Battles), another Indo - Pak war seems very unlikely in the near future. Also, I am an Indian, so I am obviously biased towards India. However, for the purpose of this answer, I will try to stick more with facts and less with assumption about why I think India would have an upper hand in an India-Pakistan war. 

I do agree with …


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Emergence of India as Global Superpower by 2025:Will Modi be Able to Sail Through All Odds

Emergence of India as Super Power by 2025:Will Modi be Able to Sail Through All Odds?



The Republic of India is considered as one of the possible emerging superpowers of the world.]This potential is attributed to several indicators, the primary ones being its demographic…


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The Coronavirus Pandemic & International Relations, with Nikolas Gvosdev

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting all aspects of daily life around the world, what will be the effect on international relations? Will it increase cooperation among nations, or will it lead to more conflict and competition? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev and host Alex Woodson discuss these scenarios and also touch on how the virus has affected the Democratic primary, in which Joe Biden now has a commanding lead.

Does Covid-19 Change International Relations?

Does a global pandemic change the nature of international affairs? Is it likely to foster international cooperation, or will it promote disintegrative tendencies within the global system? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev shares his thoughts.

Peace By Poison: How the Coronavirus Could Fix Globalization Problems

How is the COVID-19 pandemic stress-testing the international system? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev writes that the virus is accelerating a series of disintegrative processes, which could end up ushering in the long-awaited post–Cold War world. This article was first published on March 14, 2020 and an excerpt was reprinted with the kind permission of "The National Interest."





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