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Do you ever wonder what your grandparents, or great-grandparents, would say about the world if they were alive? What would they be most proud of? Baffled by? Angry about? What advice would they give?

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menu of peace

Think of your favorite dishes from around the world. Sounds like a crazy idea but....what if we made a meal of recipes from enemy tables? How dare we find things delicious, prepared by the "villains" of this world? 

I think this would be a great party. Who's in?

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So many cultures give flowers as a greeting, a gift, an offering of peace, to mark a rite of passage.

As Spring is in full bloom in the US, I wonder about flowers.

What are your thoughts? How does your culture use flowers in a special way?

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sports diplomacy

i've been hearing about "sports diplomacy" these days, mostly surrounding north korean and south korean relations during the upcoming olympics. in fact, it has been in existence since ancient greece, and is referred to as "the olympic truce". here's a link for more information, from the olympic organization:…


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in the words of dr. martin luther king, jr.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'.

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i'm sorry about what he said.....

.....the president of my country made an abhorrent statement the other day. please accept my apologies, on behalf of my friends and family. his words and deeds are NOT a reflection of anyone i know. our hearts are broken over his shameful comments.

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celebrating diversity in a historically homogeneous community: feedback please!

Brainstorming with friends tonight, we wondered how we can bring together our diverse neighbors in a welcoming way. The demographics in this historically homogeneous community are shifting, and we are glad for that, but are concerned they might feel isolated.

We have some ideas for a community event, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas as well. 

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healthcare access

Of the two, globally, which is the greater cause of healthcare being inaccessible or unaffordable: Power? Money?

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So what do you think: businesses and schools close for only some religious or cultural holidays. Should they close for all?

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when friends don't think alike

Is it possible to maintain a friendship when it's become apparent that ones political beliefs have created divisiveness throughout the world? Is it possible to make a new friend whose politics are different that ours? 

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on this beautiful snowy day

The world is exploding around us, while I enjoy the sunshine brightening last night's snowfall this morning. Everything is cold and fresh, in my little back yard. But there's a big back yard that's a living hell. 

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teaching young people about refugees

What are your thoughts: How best to teach young people to accept differences and recognize similarities as we bring refugees into our worlds?

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This century, a universal, unified healing has got to happen, across all cultures. In my mind, what precisely needs to be healed has not yet been entirely identified, though we can feel something isn’t quite right. It’s a little tricky and can get confusing: “In the end, aren’t we all the same?” or “We are all different and we need to honor and respect those differences.” But what I have observed for sure is that, thankfully, the “troops” are…


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Carnegie Council

The Failure of the Two-State Solution: Hope for Palestinian Youth

With the two-state solution facing obstacles from all sides, Palestinian youth need to "answer the urgent question of how to reframe the conflict discourse and avoid succumbing to a future of perennial suffering in silence under the status quo," writes security analyst Tariq Kenney-Shawa. What are effective methods of nonviolent resistance? How can the 1987 First Intifada serve as an inspiration for the next generation of Palestinians?

Ethics in Business: In Their Own Words, with Pendal's Emilio Gonzalez

Emilio Gonzalez, group CEO at Pendal in Australia, speaks about the role of ethics in global investment management. He discusses his organization's charitable work, its innovative "contribution leave" policy, how to engage with new technology, like AI, in a thoughtful way, and much more.

International Migrants in China's Global City, with James Farrer

Is China becoming an immigrant society? Why do foreigners move to the country? What can we learn by studying Shanghai's international community? James Farrer, a professor at Tokyo's Sophia University, has interviewed over 400 migrants to China looking to answer these questions. He and Senior Fellow Devin Stewart discuss immigration's impact on Chinese culture and whether foreigners can ever really fit in.





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