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3 Favorite Immanuel Kant Quotes:

1. "Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe, the more often and the more seriously reflection concentrates upon them: the starry heaven above me and the moral law within me."

2. "Nothing in the world - indeed nothing even beyond the world - can possibly be conceived which could be called good without qualification except GOOD WILL."

3. "I am never to act otherwise than so that I could also will that my maxim should become a universal…


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1. Is it Legal ?

2. Is it Balanced ?

3. How will it make me Feel about Myself ?

See "The Power of Ethical Management" :KennethBlanchard&NormanVincentPeale

(small easy to read paperback).

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3 Favorite Winston Churchill Quotes:

1. "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."

2. "Democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.'

3. The only wise and safe course is to act from day to day in accordance with what one's own conscience seems to decree."

"We are the world"  ". Let's Make It Better " Up U&Me Us/All

Go Cyberpeacefare ! Become CyberPeaceCitizen…


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Pareto's Law & Political/Foreign Corruption

Pareto's Law (80/20 Principle): This law states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. For example, in business 80% of the sales come from 20% of the good customers/clients

Now, from observing our National Political System, I believe that 80% of the funding (if not more) of candidates election  funding come from big money special interest  sources (the 20%) buying: Special Access/IOUs when they support political candidates continually soliciting/begging their support.for…


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#Cyberpeacefare ObamaCareSystemSignUpFailure ;Program/SystemManagementResponsibility.

Fellow Members:

From a Program Management/Systems Engineering Management Perspective, seems to me that the Initial Fully Operational Failure of Obama Care probably mostly due to: INEPT Program Management, Systems Engineering Management, and Politics (both Government and Contractor(s)..While "the buck stops here" , ultimately with POTUS. How couid a competent-ethical Prime/Systems Engineering Contractor indicate to the Government Program Manager that the system was fully tested and be…


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Ethics,Morals & Paradoxes

Ethics: A set of principles of right conduct; a theory or system of moral values.

Morals:Of or concerned with the judgment of goodness or the badness of human action and character.

Paradox:  A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true.

(All definitions taken from American Heritage Dictionary.)

 Proposed maximum morality equation:

  Max Morality  = Love for Fellow Human divided by Indifference

War - Peace Paradox: Fight Wars to…


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#Cyberpeacefre Value Engineering Approach


The Value Engineering Approach (VE)  is also based on Function (like systems approach), although more narrowly than a system perspective which spans the universe e.g., "galactic  system" The basic  VE formula is:


  Vmax = required function/minimum cost (required function divided by minumun cost)

An extreme example of VE approach is a necktie clip.  Think ! What would be a max value necktie clip ?

The VE approach…


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#Cyberpeacefare Definition of System

Fellow Members:

SYSTEM: Many abstract definitions-classifications of systems,e.g.:physical-human designed, biological, social, political,open, closed, et al.  For simplification purposes, I will only address physical-human designed systems such as: a hi-fi audio system, car, airplane, C5i (command, control, communications, computer, collaboration/cyber, intelligence). 

A system is an integrated set of interacting subsystems/components…


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#Cyberpeacefare "Systems Approach/SystemsThinking":

Fellow Members: Ask a friend/colleague to describe your coffee mug.  If the emphasis is on the physical description (e.g.,off white,size, handle, round etc) without stressing function (to contain and facilitate drinking coffee), the person probably is not trained in "systems thinking." ". Question what is system objective function of cyberpeacefare ? Al

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#Cyberpeacefare "How Occam's Razor Works'(howstuffworks)'":

- "The Principle of Plurality should not be posited without necessity.

- The Principle of Parsimony: It is pointless do with more what is done with less.

- Taken together, they represent the basis of humanity's investigation into the universe."

Reminds me of plane geometry axioms e.g., the test of "necessary and sufficient" conditions.

Question: What is "necessary and sufficient" initiation/individual motivation for cyberspace cyberworld peace uprising ?…


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Select Sikh Scripture (A monotheistic religion in the Punjab in 15th century by Guru Nanak)

There is one Supreme Being, the Eternal Reality.

He is the Creator, without fear and devoid of enmity. He is immortal, never incarnated, self existent, known by grace through the Guru.

The name of God  brings blissful peace to the hearts of the truly devout.

Guard and keep me, Friend of the humble, weary from wandering far.

Strengthen me, O Lord, that I shrink not from righteous deeds.

(translated by W.H. McLeod 1984

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#Cyberpeacefare - The Cyber Dimension, Things Cyber:

ShortList: cyberspace, cyberpower, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, cyberwarrior, CyberCommand, cyberpeacefare, cyberpeacecitizen, cyberpeacepatriot, cybernetworks, cybermedia, cybersocialnetworks, cybersimulation, cybergames, cyberlaw, cybercrime, cyberhackers, cyberbullying, cybersystems, cybersupercollaborativesystems, cyberworldpeace upu&me/us/all.

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#Cyberpeacefare Proposed Petition Enlistment Method CyberPeaceCitizens

Might Global Ethics Network consider utilizing  a "petition sign up" approach for facilitating  its members becoming  certified CyberPeaceCitizens ?  Signing the petition would automatically RT "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."&U/UsAll" The petition could be linked to Twitter and Facebook, as is now the case for comments. Also, Carnegie might want to add other material/collaborative peace links ? Seems to me part of the problem is confusion on how to RT basic…


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#Cyberpeacefare Initiative Initial Report

Started this Cyberpeacefare Experiment well over a year ago on Twitter. A primary objective was to "spark" a cyberworld world peace uprising by an initial single tweet (e.g. chaos theory a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tsunami). The tweet was "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."&U/UsAll." (Lyrics of olde classic peace song). One RT SteveG722. Then I solicited RTs requests to: the Pope, Archbishop of Cantebury, Father Bob, Dalai Lama, President Obama, First…


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#Cyberpeacefare Simplest Definition

#Cyberpeacefare/Simplest Definition:

The act of individuals/organizations collectively collaborating in conducting world peace and planet survival advocacy through cyberspace/social media.

Anybody got any suggestions for improvement ?

"Biggest room in world is room for improvement"

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Suggest Do Good Deed ToDay/Now: #Cyberpeacefare " RT "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" &U/UsAll  Lyrics of olde song. Be not indifferent - take instant unique personal opportunity/responsibility  to cause CyberWorldPeaceUprising. Become CyberPeaceCitizen by RTing (join Valentine Olushola Oyedip, First Global Ethics Network CyberPeaceCitizen).. 

"We Are the World"; "Let's Make It Better" "Give Peace a Chance"

Might U RT Now ?  Thanks in Advance…


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