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Populier met jou blarejas
dit is tyd dat jy moet was
kaalgestroop staan jy daar
stok alleen
net jou bas
dankbaar vir die reen

Water is greater than gold
Life is precious
we are told
Be wise and strong
in this season of ding dong

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Eternal Peace Vs Peace Between People

Hallo Members

It has been a while. We as thinking beings, are only able to achieve peace amongst ourselves. Those who claim otherwise, have to prove their statements. It is in the best interest of humanity.

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You Shall Not Steal!!!

Today is the day. It is workers day in SA. May today be the day that people all over the globe take a honest and real look at their attitude towards the have nots and vulnerable. Why do we have a poor majority in all countries?

Is the golden rule not what you put in you get out? How does a civil society justify taking everything from those who have nothing but their two hands and two feet to contribute.

Who's error is this? The general level of the masses?

Years… Continue

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Adam ? Mada(SA context)

Hallo members

2015 Can be the year of great global and human growth. The objective is to keep the opposition alive and healthy. Then the planet as a whole will prosper in the future. Life is always give and take. Will the supper rich give more opportunities to the supper poor so that those in the middle do not have to work so hard to maintain the balance please?

Thanks to all the mothers, daughters and little girls for your contribution in a too violant and chauvinistic…


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Education And The Future

Hallo Everybody

The eastern education system is producing the most results. Look at the facts and the graphs at hand. It is time for the western education system to learn from them and it is strongly recommended for a happy sustainable future for both old and new.

They teach…


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Do What Is Right Today & Tomorrow Too

Times are difficult for many in the world today. We require much wisdom and patience to move humanity forward and stabilize the planet. The race for total control must stop.

Real peace initiatives in 2015 are compulsory for all of us. It will be achieved through small acts of kindness. More healthy food Monsanto and more sharing with other farmers too. More upliftment for the people of Africa.

Real love for the women and children of the planet. We demand leaders with… Continue

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Run Like The Wind

Hallo So-travellers

Do you also see men to the left and men to the right? Are you part of the the NEW generation of peacemakers?

Who controls the wind?

Aaaa.....the beginning of inward Truth.

United we are stronger.

Neither female or male - inwardly.....

Think, pause and think again - are you for peace or for death.

Ps. (Freedom knows no bounds and it doesn't belong to any religion, corporation, government or…


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Dear friends and family

A few thoughts to be shared with you today:

Word games are destructive. Become the generation who serve and have no expectation to be served by another. Do as much as you can yourself first before delegating it to others. Life on the planet will only change through the continued efforts of authentic human beings. We are all more than any one culture or tradition. Remember therefore who you are at your core.

You "bee" at…


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To The Gang: The answer is no - NEVER! Be at peace and the world will become a happier, safer more enjoyable place. Stop bullying people who do not believe in your empty promises or bedtime stories.

Accept that we are in the 21st century and new better ways of living are open to all. No domination or crusades applicable any longer.

If you want cyber peace, let it begin with you first. Good advice - be a genuine friend, not a predator or salesperson. We all have freedom of…


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Pure Enjoyment OR Pure Foolishness

An ant asked the echo of a dinosaur: "Why do you eco around the same mountain year after year if there are so many other mountains around you?"

The dinosaur answered: "This is what the ancient dinosaurs programmed me to do".

?: Is the black ink on the white paper more important than the tears on the cheeks of a little girl who just lost her entire family because a dinosaur is fighting for tomorrows oil?

Who do you choose to be: the dinosaur-echo or the ant?



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Objective Living - Care To Share?


1.  What matters today?

2.  Who is sharing your space/time now?

3.  How will your input today build a better future for all?

4.  Does your actions today stop the suffering tomorrow?

5.  Did you share food with a stranger today?

6.  Did you smile at a grumpy person?

7.  Did you visit an elderly person?

8.  Did you clean your neighbourhood?

9.  Did you learn something new?

10.  Did you phone your…


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MORE PEACE & SAFETY GLOBALLY < > & *****.......

Firstly thank you to all the ninjas in South Africa working non stop to promote peace and safety for all in our beautiful country and globally. A special thanks to the president for asking that the fighting in the middle east stop and they co-operate to find a peaceful, just middle way and solution for all parties affected by the war.

Our sincere condolences to all the families who have lost loved ones in all the tragedies of the past week. We share in your pain and grieve.  So many…


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To My Family And Friends

Thank you for your love, encouragement and support during this very challenging time in my life. Mercy and Grace came through when I was put in the pit of "hell".

Life is worth living because of you all.

To others who suffer too, and there are millions globally, trust and do your best one day at a time. There is always hope. Life does not give us all the answers. Many questions remain only questions. So live life as best as you can…


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Winners don't talk. Being alive makes us all winners. It is best to keep ones' eyes, ears and heart open and keep ones' mouth closed. We are all original designs. Behind each design one will find love. Love for others, self and life. Never consider yourself lesser or greater than any other for then you loose bigtime.

Don't compromise on the quality of your services, products or leadership. The big bad wolf is only full of air. Life only changes…


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Freedom To Not Be Religious

Please allow me to remind everybody that people have the legal right to choose to not be religious and that discrimination because of this is unlawfull and unethical too.

Our human family are made up of many different groups of people. We all exist because of a Higher Divine Intelligence no matter how we reason about this. Our differences are not the key factors. One group isn't more important than the next. Neither the majorities or the minorities.

This is a friendly request…


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A Quote For Today

Cornel West wrote: "Of course, the aim of a constitutional democracy is to safeguard the rights of the minority and avoid the tyranny of the majority."

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Alone But With Integrity

Integrity is tested most when one must stand alone against those who oppose that which you believe to be your purpose in life. If one look around at the global world one strive to connect to those who live with 100% integrity and those who cannot be corrupted by money, power, status or food. It is good to see that these leaders are well and objective.

Let us keep standing for the greater good of humanity as a global family.


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How to promote peace - thoughts of a trainee

Who will rule this world in the end? Many proclaim that they are promoters of peace and democracy??? The facts disagree. Peace will rule only once freedom of the most vulnerable member of society is protected by the rich and powerful around them.


Who will then commit to this mammoth task? Is it not only those who are peace themselves already. Those in whom no fear or violance dwell? There is a teaching that teach that like properties unite to survive and transform into that…


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Spirituality vs religion

Hallo Everybody

Who will win the "war"? The Spirit or religion? What say you? Blessings!

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