Youth and solution

Young people are required to become responsible by ensuring that the solution they have comes to pass or reality

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Political and social legal contract initiative

The most important instrument to use where politicians are to be encourage to be more systematical, effective as well as more committed, is by incoporating this initiative. By allowing this ideal initiative into operation in a country,more less developed state will enhance the desired developmental goal.

The political and social contracts are to be drawn each time an election is due.This means that all such person ought to be or must be made subject to this process conditional term…


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Zambia today is undergoing diverse challenges in the areas of economy. The reasons are that most of the focus, time and support has had been given to politicians. And most issues are replaced with political considerations. Instead of  focusing on the professionality of people who qualify in those governmental offices as well as those people who are deserving empowerment.

This however has cause more problems…


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The big question about democracy as a system?

Democratic power is vested in the people, why should there be war amongest politicians when power to elect is in the people.ignorance has left many democratic citizen to suffer loss for political interest of politician.soldier instead become against citizen whereas they were employed to defend the state.who is the state? The answer is the people

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the effect of living in democracy and the demands to perfect demopcracy

Living in democratic state requires highly control measure to unquestionable state power

The real cause of emigration should be as result of poor democratic citizen fully participating in matters of state affairs.

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INTRODUCTIONDemocracy is important in any state or country.A state which is governed by democratic principles is founded on the core values of democracy. We cannot ignore the principles of democracy …


Democracy is important in any state or country.A state which is governed by democratic principles is founded on the core values of democracy.

We cannot ignore the principles of democracy which constitutes a doctrine. Democracy ideology, theoretically, promotes the distribution, and the establishment of legal framework support of state authoritative power that is vested in politically constituted offices. This system of democracy helps to govern the state public…


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Gene Editing Governance & Dr. He Jiankui, with Jeffrey Kahn

Jeffrey Kahn, director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute for Bioethics, discusses the many governance issues connected to gene editing. Plus, he gives a first-hand account of an historic conference in Hong Kong last year in which Dr. He Jiankui shared his research on the birth of the world's first germline genetically engineered babies. What's the future of the governance of this emerging technology?

Trump is the Symptom, Not the Problem

Astute observers of U.S. foreign policy have been making the case, as we move into the 2020 elections, not to see the interruptions in the flow of U.S. foreign policy solely as a result of the personality and foibles of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, writes Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev. Ian Bremmer and Colin Dueck expand on this thought.

Gene Editing: Overview, Ethics, & the Near Future, with Robert Klitzman

In the first in a series of podcasts on gene editing, Columbia's Dr. Robert Klitzman provides an overview of the technology, ethical and governance issues, and where it could all go in the near future. Plus he explains why the birth of genetically engineered twins in China last year was a "seismic" event. How could gene editing lead to more inequality? What could be some of unintended consequences?





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