datarevolution...prevention is better than cure.

The availability of data and information has the power to reshape our lives -from the choice of cloths we wear, to completely changing the course of human history. Data accumulation, data analysis and information sharing may seem not very important at first glance, but the very survival of mankind depends on how accurately and timely information (data) is shared

#datarevolution in the prevention of conflicts: In this age, warfare has changed and the challenges and threats posed…


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I have lived my life trying to study and find out why there are so many problems in the world or why it is very difficult to resolve a conflict. I finally came out with the following article based on terms used in science that when explained analogically, would give a logical and rational explanation to the problems plaguing society. It all starts with a spark. To better understand this, I’ll take it chronologically.

HESS’S LAW: it states –“the energy change accompanying a reaction is…


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who makes the difference between today and 2099?

Name….Achiri Arnold Nji

School….polytechnique Yaounde

Level….undergraduate student

The world is in a very “hot state” right now. Geopolitical tensions and wars are everywhere. Hunger and diseases are killing the “African Dream”. Climate change has made many settlers to say “ADIEU” to their lands. Areas which were formally great lakes are now “Great deserts”, the “Ice Mountains” of the Arctic are becoming just “Ice hills”. Religious ideologies and misinterpretation of…


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Fighting ISIS Online, with Asha Castleberry-Hernandez

National security expert Asha Castleberry-Hernandez discusses what "ISIS 2.0" means and how the terrorist group has used social media to recruit and spread its message. How has its strategy changed since the death of its leader Abur Bakr al-Baghdadi? What can the U.S. military, Congress, and executive branch do better to fight the group online?

A Washington Insider Take on the Narratives

Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev follows up on his recent report on U.S. Global Engagement, "The Search for a New Narrative: Recasting American Involvement in the International System," with an anonymous response from a Washington insider.

Carnegie New Leaders Podcast: The Future of Space Acquisition & Threats, with Maj. Gen. Nina M. Armagno

In conversation with intelligence analyst Amelia M. Wolf, Major General Nina M. Armagno of the U.S. Air Force discusses her role as director of Space Programs in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition at the Department of Defense. How has space acquisition shifted as threats have evolved? What would a future U.S. Space Force look like?





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