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" To me the Presidency and the Vice Presidency were not prizes to be won but a duty to be done."  Gerald R. Ford, "A Time to Heal", 1979.

Comment: Presidential Campaign Season Underway - good to see three women (out of 10 candidates in the first stage of the Democratic Debates) "May the best Leader win."

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#Cyberpeacefare #Book Leadership for a Fractured World #Dean Williams

EXCERPT - Questions for Practice:

"1. What is the nature of the interdependent problems that your group faces ? 

2. What are the boundaries and fractures that separate groups that make shared problem solving difficult ?

3. Do you see the manifestation of the tribal impulse ? How does it get acted out ? How might you contain it…


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Moral Leadership: Origin and Growth

Moral Leadership: Origin and Growth

Morality is the backbone for a successful leadership. Morality and leadership are two sides of a same coin and they go hand in hand. Leadership without morality lacks sustainability. Before intriguing the debates associated with moral leadership, it is imperative to comprehend the morality and its origin. And the fundamental questions needs to…


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According to me, leadership is action of leading a group of people or an organisation. An ideal leader’s fundamental duty is to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity. Sustained excellence will be possible for a moral leadership. 

Because, this excellence can be obtained when you care more than what others think as wise, risk more than what other think as safe, dream more than what other think as practical, and expect more…


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An Essay On Moral Leaderhip

It is an axiomatic truth that morality is to leadership what the soul is to the body or what conscience is to man.

Although no one theory nor approach can subsume the complexities of leadership or give an all-encompassing theory to that effect, yet the word "Leader" in the ordinary course of events, is someone who shows the way as well as guide and influence the actions of others by way of example. While the word "Morality" on the other hand, inherently imply the system or code that… Continue

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Moral Leadership: What It Truly Means

Gregorius Magnus Peter Wangsadinata

Student of Sekolah Bogor Raya Grade 12

Teacher: Ida Ayu Utami Sundari

Moral Leadership

 Moral Leadership, those words and notion comprises of the term “moral” and the expression “leadership”. Leadership itself is a complex concept, thus it has the impression and knowledge where it would be…


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Moral Leadership: A Leadership may be owned by everyone but not morally

Moral Leadership:

A Leadership may be owned by everyone but not morally


Stephanie Rahardjo

Student of Sekolah Bogor Raya, Indonesia

Ida Ayu Utami Sundari

High school student


"Really, anyone can order, rule and boss around. But not everyone could actually understand, and be a listener to their worker”…


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The Million People March and Philippine Moral Leadership

In the midst of the controversial pork barrel scam, the Filipino people had signified disgust and anger on the way the taxpayers’ money is being spent by the government through the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) by lawmakers which eventually diverted into corruption involving lawmakers themselves, implementing agencies of the government, and non-government organizations (NGOs). The Million People March staged on 26 August 2013 during the Philippines’…


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Killer Robots, Ethics, & Governance, with Peter Asaro

Peter Asaro, co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, has a simple solution for stopping the future proliferation of killer robots, or lethal autonomous weapons: "Ban them." What are the ethical and logistical risks of this technology? How would it change the nature of warfare? And with the U.S. and other nations currently developing killer robots, what is the state of governance?

As Biden Stalls, Is the "Restorationist" Narrative Losing Ground?

U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev notes that former Vice President Joe Biden is, in foreign policy terms, most associated with a "restorationist" approach. How does this differentiate from other candidates? What approach will resonate most with voters?

Democratic Candidates & Foreign Policy after Iowa, with Nikolas Gvosdev

With the (incomplete) results of the Iowa Caucus putting the spotlight on Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, what do we know about their foreign policy platforms? How do they differentiate themselves from Joe Biden? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev shares his thoughts and touches on voters' possible perception of Sanders as a "socialist" and how climate change could become an issue in this election.





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