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Living with Differences

Starbucks in Front Migrant Workers' Housing 

Shanghai is an incredibly diverse city. During the day, the streets are filled with tourist masses strolling through the city with Starbucks cups in hand, eager to absorb every sight of dazzling skyscrapers. At night, a different crowd emerges. The migrant workers, who travel from neighboring…


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Living with Differences

A Modern Chinese Wedding

It is the most important day in a young couple's lives. The bridge and groom, dressed in western attire, are surrounded with cameras and video recorders and everything is updated in social networks.  Yet at the same time, the decorations, food, and traditions observed at the wedding are…


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Living with Differences

Jing'an Temple and Hugo Boss

The Jing'an Temple is a ionic site in Shanghai. It literally means "Temple of Peace and Tranquility". The Buddhist temple has a history of over 1.5 millennia, with many halls dedicated for different religious figures. Today…


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Pluralism : Living with Differences (International Student Photo Contest)

The man with white polo shirt is a different-ability person, having a hard time expressing his feeling and talking because he has Goldfield Syndrome, a type of anterograde amnesia, yet he tries his best to adapt. He wakes up every morning thinking that he is still a 6 year-old-boy and starts to ask the same questions to people he meets,"Let's play again tomorrow,…


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Living with differences

I try to explain that there are too many eating differences between a small child and her mother. Mother and child’s hold fork trenchs are different . The small child is wearing gowns while eating . But mum isn’t. Their nutritions are different. Mum is eating healthy food because of her age. But child is eating everything. Because she is era of development and just burn her…


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My reflection

We all share something in common. Yes, we are different but we often reflected in others in small manners.

Katlego Maqubela

Inscape Design College,Johannesburg

Nationality: South African

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Our reality

Open to your own interpretation. #photo2013 

Katlego Maqubela

Inscape Design College,Johannesburg

Nationality: South…


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Living with Differences: The Death of Diversity

While the term diversity continues to roll-off the tongues of many educators across the globe, the word diversity has become a mere buzzword. Presently, it is a theory awaiting realization… a centrifugal force projecting segregation rather than a celebration of difference. It’s breakdown ensues when the perceptions straddling the cultural boundary lines…


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The hands

The hands is a capturing of a diversity. When looking at a country like South Africa one is able to see the progression through time. We once experienced Apartheid which affected the unity of different races and beliefs. Cutting the long story short we are creatives and regardless of what race you are,we are seen as equals. Taking it a step further because we are creatives we unite through creativity.…


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Photo Contest

This photograph is of The Ellis Middle school grades 5-7. At The Ellis School, girls of all ethnicities can come learn in one place and not worry ever about their ethnicity. At Ellis, girls come to learn and everyone respects one another. Girls at Ellis see each other as friends and don't look down on them because of their color, race,…


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As a result of poverty in Haiti, children at a very young age begin to help to bring food to the table. One of their most common tasks is to work on the fields. The hard work that they engage in, in my opinion, should not be considered as child labor for it is what keeps them alive. Consequently, they do not have the time or the means to get an education. This…


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Dance simply makes a person simply perfect.

Dance simply makes a person simply perfect. perfect from body structure and rhythm of life.

Nrittanchal, a famous group of dance lead by Shibly Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa. They arranged a workshop called ''Raybeshe'', which is a very old dance form in India. This workshop hold on 6 days and after that they…


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Living with Differences

Birds in human habitat...

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Living with Differences

In the summer of 2012, my Canadian friend and I fundraised 5620 USD and biked through the Himalayas, from Tibet to Nepal. Along the way, we used the money we raised to buy school supplies for impoverished schools. On the trip, I encountered some of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. There were Tibetan ladies at stationery stores…


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Living with Differences: Shifting Spaces... Re-positioning Gender Roles

Following the perusal of Hanna Rosin’s text The End of Men: And The Rise of Women, I became deeply intrigued by the notion of shifting gender roles within global society. According to Rosin, women undertake the non-traditional roles of men in the work-force and as the dominant force at the homestead... jostling the tipping-point of the equity scale in the favor of…


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Living With Differences: Life is Diverse

Life is full of diversity. Life without diversity is impossible. The picture above shows that many, many different types of things combine to make a living being.

This picture is symbolic of the importance of diversity in life. A balanced diet includes grains, fruits, vegetables,…


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Living with Differences: Namaste

This was the last day for Liz, who volunteered for eight weeks as a teacher at Aim Abroad's slum school in Faridabad, India. She taught English, Math and probably everything except Hindi (which the kids taught her). I was there as a volunteer photographer to document their time together.

So, the kids were from…


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Living with Differences: Love of the differences

         With the modern day world, the love between two people of different countries are common. In an internet surfing 2 years ago, he and I know each other.…


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Living With Differences

Religion,race and people from different culture can be friends with everyone.Everyone has different friends,it's normal but some people think it differently.For example;If you have an Irean you can't be a friend because they think Irean people are dirty,racism does not fit our culture.Whatever people may have different ideas,but we should respect them.To be in…


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Living with differences : God's Religion

            Religion of GOD?? That's pretty weird. ‘coz people all over the country see GOD in different forms. It varies from humans in some part whereas objects in other parts who/which shows divine power; their action or commands which leads us in prosperous life. India is land of diversity. This…


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