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Imagining a Better Future

Name: Tracy Robinson

School: Homeschool

Student: High school

                                         Imagining a Better Future, One Step at a Time

        This morning I was thinking of the next century, and how I would like to live to see it. Will it be a utopia or an apocalyptic world? Will I ever know? Whether I do or not, there are many things which I would like to see happen in…


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I would love to see racial inequality diminish in the next century. If racial inequality disappeared forever the world would be such a better place to live in. There would be a chance for people to finally be treated equally; there won’t be any resentment towards the government from specified ethnic groups   . Today’s society especially in America has had a lot of tension at times violent due to racial inequality which is another reason why I would love to see racial inequality…


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#Better Future Contest

#Better Future contest




Lately,the world has been

characterised by trends

happening around the globe. We

can obviously tell that countries

are becoming richer,urbanization

is exploding,new technologies

are constantly being launched

and the global middle class is

growing,all of which is changing

the global waste landscape. More

money buys more

product,increasing… Continue

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#betterfuturecontest Name: Aladar Tepelea College: Vienna University of Economics and Business Grade:Undergraduate Ensuring governmental efficiency and fairness by implementing managerial practices …


Name: Aladar Tepelea

College: Vienna University of Economics and Business


Ensuring governmental efficiency and fairness by implementing managerial practices and performance indicators

Abstract: In this essay I would like to:

► Point out today’s public sector policy problems caused by the incongruence of political decision maker’s long-term and short-term interests

► Present some of Peter…


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Why Hip-Hop needs to Change to Make the World a Better Place

Matt Stefanowicz


When you think of hip-hop, what comes to mind?…


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Light an everlasting flame


Name:- Saumya Suvarna

College:- Vellore Institute Of Technology 

Grade:- Undergraduate

Light an everlasting flame

I was at the RTO applying for my learners licence when I overheard a conversation between a little girl and her father. “Daddy. Why did you give that man money? Isn’t that bribing?” a young bright eyed girl asked her father, her captivating smile metamorphosing into a worried frown. “I know sweetie. But this…


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The Solution to World Poverty

Matthew Blouin


Carnegie Council Essay

Metropolitan Learning Center

Grade 11


The Solution to Poverty


            Poverty is an extremely compelling issue in the world today. In this century, I would like to see poverty to be put to an end. All over the world, millions of people suffer from poverty. They have…


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Paradigm shift: one step forward, one step towards


Name: Maki Nakamura

School: International Christian University (Japan)

Undergraduate - - - Sophomore

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MAKING OUR VOICES BE HEARD (#betterfuturecontest)



Name: María Jaramillo Restrepo

Age: 18

City: Manizales, Colombia

School: Asociación Colegio Granadino

Level: High School Student (Senior)


Paris, France. January 21, 2006. Ilan Halimi is kidnapped by Moroccan rebels and tortured to death for 24 days. He is beaten, stabbed, cut, burned with acid and gasoline, and finally set afire. Neighbors hear the commotion and watch the occurrence, yet no one ever calls…


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Anti-Materialist Thoughts of a Superfluous Man

D.M.L. Nguyen

Yale University

Undergraduate, class of 2016

I shall begin my discourse on what can potentially improve the state of the world at the very beginning, our ancestors. The natural man, at the onset of his existence, is an animal. By no means an ordinary animal, but an animal nevertheless. The natural man lived by instinct, his needs and behaviors indistinguishable from the animals which he hunts and cohabits with. In stages, man began…


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Mind leads actions and behaviours


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  Lal Narendra - India

 K.C College,Mumbai.

 Undergraduate student.




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#betterfuturecontest - What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?

#betterfuturecontest - What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?

Samyukta Prabhu

15 years
The Amaatra Academy, India
Grade 10 student

As I wondered about the changes that could improve the world in the next century, a million thoughts swarmed through my head. These ranged from ending abject poverty to restoring peace in the war ridden regions of the world. But upon further…


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Imagining a better future - What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?


HyunGu Kang

University of Toronto Schools (UTS) 

High school student

I was recently confronted by the terrifying but not completely unexpected realization that roughly half of my parents’ combined income is consumed by my secondary education. In a household of four children, that’s a significant investment. My parents pronounced the fact with genuine reluctance and fake surprise, as if trying to spare me the urgency of…


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#betterfuturecontest: The World without hunger with a help from synthetic food

What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place? 

     From how we communicate to how we travel, few – if any – facets of daily life have remained untouched by scientific and technological advances. Letters and Morse code have been replaced by emails and text messages. Horse-drawn…


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What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?

Kawayne Henry

Norman Manley Law School



ESSAY TOPIC: What would you like to see happen during this century to make the world a better place?


In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability.

Bertrand Piccard

As we brace the 21st…


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What I would like to see happen in this century to make the world a better place:the elimination of ethnic hatred #betterfuturecontest

Nicholas Sitaras

The Colony High School

High School Student

A while back, reflecting on my Greek heritage, I thought about the sociopolitical zeitgeist of modern Greeks. In a country with roughly 40 political parties (ranging from the more democratic to communists, anarchists, and fascists) there is obviously not much is consensus.

But most Greeks agree on one thing: they hate the Turks.

Years ago, the Ottoman Empire (the precursor state of modern…


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Imagining A Better Future

Halyn Valley

Metropolitan Learning Center

High School Student

Imagining A Better Future

How can we make the world a better place in the next 100 years? The question is daunting to say the least. Medics may say to increase worldwide hospital care. Educators may say to encourage more rigorous schooling. Activists may say to promote equality among all people. Minorities may say to eliminate stereotypes from the population. Some may say to disallow the use of weapons,…


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Trump has a love-hate relationship with the press, which he calls "the enemy of the people" when it crosses him, knowing nothing of the origins of the phrase, says Marvin Kalb. Yet the pillars of democracy are the sanctity of the court and the freedom of the press. "I think that President Trump—not wittingly, unwittingly—is moving this nation away from our common understanding of democracy toward something that edges toward authoritarianism."

A Savage Order, with Rachel Kleinfeld

Can violent societies get better? Rachel Kleinfeld discusses her latest book, "A Savage Order: How the World's Deadliest Countries Can Forge a Path to Security." Her conclusion is ultimately optimistic: Though it's never easy, real democracy (not autocracy in disguise) and a vibrant middle class can provide a path out of violence.

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