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#EssayContest2016 Nationalism: Globalized Nationalism by Bonnie Liu

Globalized Nationalism

By Bonnie Liu, high school student at Greenhills School, MI, United States

When president-elect Donald Trump vowed to “Make America Great Again,” he was appealing to American nationalist sentiment amidst overwhelming globalization. Arguably, the epic 2016 U.S. presidential battle between Clinton and Trump is quintessentially an ideological struggle between globalism and nationalism.…


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On Nationalism

Noah Tavares

The Nueva School

Student - Highschool

Imagine only having an allegiance to your family. Imagine a world without political entities. Imagine the violence, the crime and the absolute disregard for human life. Would you enjoy breathing the air of that world?


My answer is no. Community could possibly be the most important hallmark of humanity. Not only does community give a sense of being, but a sense belonging. This very sense of…


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Nationalism, Obstacle to Globalization; Examination of Nationalism in China, Russia, and the UK

Eunwoo Jang

Holton-Arms School

High School Student

Nationalism, Obstacle to Globalization;

Examination of Nationalism in China, Russia, and the UK

      Emergence of supranational organizations, free trade agreements, and improved…


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Nationalism: A Reason for Optimism

Nationalism: A Reason for Optimism

By Nicholas Ganghyun Kim

Sophomore (Grade 10) at Seoul Foreign High School, located in Seoul, South Korea

I was balancing myself on the subway, right hand clutching a phone,…


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Yesterday versus Today: Nationalism versus Globalization-A conflict or a coexistence

Full Name: Samar Abdelmageed

Name of School: Ain Shams University

Educational Level: Graduate Student

Yesterday versus Today: Nationalism versus Globalization-A conflict or a coexistence

Everyone is born with a certain identity. This identity is shaped by different surroundings and circumstances. This identity comes from Home. This home does not only represent the geographical place in which one’s country exists. Home is family and friends you grow with and…


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Nationalism is like a jar of colourful insects roaming from top to bottom, biting and kicking in an attempt to get out. You may shake them, pour a litre of water in yet they float and fight their way to freedom. Insects show a lot of courage and relentlessness in achieving…


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The Chinese Communist Party: victim of its own successes

While I was holidaying in Puerto Rico, I made it a point to visit the world’s largest radio telescope – the Arecibo Observatory. However, I was quickly corrected by my local host, José, who informed me that China had already surpassed that feat, completing their own “world’s biggest” radio telescope in July. Indeed, as much of the Western world suffered setbacks in 2016, whether through the failure of…


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In order to understand the effects of nationalism on today’s globalized world, we should first look to the past.   The rise of nationalism in the mid 20th century brought tremendous destruction to th…

In order to understand the effects of nationalism on today’s globalized world, we should first look to the past.  

The rise of nationalism in the mid 20th century brought tremendous destruction to the world. Historically, nationalism has been used as a means to inspire cultural, ethnic and racial ties, but in the aftermath of great depression, these suppressed nationalistic beliefs took shape in extremism and allowed for rise of Hitler and his wartime atrocities.

When viewed…


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Nationalism Stops the Movement of Our Rapidly Growing Globalized World

The Importance of Globalization

Today, with hundreds of different global organizations like the Red Cross, the United Nations, and the Olympics ever gaining prominence in our society, it is clear that global collaboration is a present and important part of our lives. Globalization establishes a connection between distant and neighboring countries alike and, for…


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Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today's globalized world?

The Strive for a Brave New (World's) Poland's History

Jan Charvát

Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

Faculty of Social Sciences

Undergraduate student of International Relations and European Studies

Ever since the new Polish government has been formed in November 2015 by the election winner, national-conservative Law and Justice party, Poland has taken many turns towards what is being hailed as "rising up from their knees". The… Continue

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Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today’s globalized world?

Name: Sean P. Doran

School: National Intelligence university

Level: Graduate

Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today’s globalized world?

The world in which we, the collective human race, exists in; is under a blanket of constant change. Change, that is both positive and negative on a global scale. Nationalism is a broad term that is defined as the patriotic feeling of being proud of your national heritage…


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The Scourge of Nationalism

Nationalism is not only a hindrance in today’s globalized world, it has largely been a scourge throughout human history. The problem inherent in nationalism is that it is a zero-sum game. History has shown us that nationalism does not solely consist of love for one’s own country; rather, it is packaged with an arrogance and disdain for those who do not fit the arbitrary requirements of belonging. Indeed, nationalism causes people to stop viewing and judging each other on…


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Name: Maxi Edet

Institution: University of Calabar, Nigeria

Level of Study: Undergraduate


Perhaps if the German philosopher Karl Marx were to be alive today, he would revise his famous quote to read thus:” a specter is haunting Europe today- the spectre of nationalism”. Recently, there has been a renaissance of nationalism sweeping…


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That no country can be totally self-sufficient is axiomatic. The result of this, is the appreciable level of interactions and transactions amongst countries around the world. To every law, there is an exception; and the exception to the axiom aforementioned, is a country located in Asia.

A time came in the country’s history where she literally shut her doors , keeping her…


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A Balance of Both

Name: Sumaiyya Sabiha Khan

Grade: IX

Institution: Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

Level: High School

                                              A Balance of Both

Looking back in the past history and comparing the present world with our ancestors lives, one can obviously notice the differences. Back then no form of developed technology existed as much as we see today. Now, it is possible to travel from one corner of the world to…


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Nationalism: A Challenge to Globalization

Jay Lee

The Hotchkiss School

High School Student…


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The History of Nationalism and How It Affects Us Today

                           Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today's globalized world?

Daniel Hwang (10th grade)

Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia


            Nationalism is defined as the devotion of one's self to their country.  This concept is well known as the indirect cause of World War I. Around the early 20th century, there were strong feelings of nationalism throughout all of Europe where citizens of these countries felt one of the key…


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Rekindling Nationalism through Symbolism : Asset or Hindrance to Globalization? #essaycontest2016

* Full name : Soumya Mahalakshmi A

* College : R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

* Undergraduate student, Computer Science Engineering

The Supreme Court of India, the highest seat of judicial authority, recently ordered that the national anthem has to be played before every movie screening. It mandates that the audience need to rise in respect, as the anthem is being played. The judges maintained that this would instil committed patriotism…


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