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what does moral leadership mean to you?

Cornelius lusweti

Moi unniversity west campus kenya


Moral leadership is the act of being transparent, corrupt free, responsible and living up to your duties. It is the act of showing dire commitment to one’s political affiliation without a trace of ego- centrism. It is the act of nobility and abiding by Martin Luther King’s words, ask not what the country will do for you but what you can do for your country. We, Africans are condemned… Continue

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MorallyIncorrect/Misnomer Car Bumper ?

Had two minor incidents last quarter this year where car bumpers barely bumped each other and costs $500+ damage, for cosmetically repainting the damaged plastic wraparound bumper (body shop has to remove bumper repaint (color coat plus clear coat; no physical damage). The first incident involved a lady parallel parking her Accura behind my wife's Chevy Impala and scraping the right rear bumper with her front right bumper (damage to both cars was cosmetic paint). The second incident…


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Love of a Beggar

Name: Cedric Allen P. Sta. Cruz

School: Saint Mary's College of Meycauayan

Student ( High School)          

Love of a Beggar

It seems the tendency of people…


Added by Cedric Allen P, Sta. Cruz on December 30, 2013 at 9:37am — 1 Comment


The attempt to define moral leadership becomes an uphill task because what is considered moral differs from the perspectives of different individuals and is determined by the society. Thus, what is considered moral in one society can be considered immoral in another. For example, polygamy is morally accepted in some communities while other communities consider it to be morally unacceptable.

In any case, to define what moral leadership is, I’m of the opinion that we most of necessity…


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#Cyberpeacefare Fleeting Moments/Opportunities/DataInundation

It seems to me, a cyberpeacecitizen, that many important fleeting messages/expositions on "world peace and planet survival" are lost or "deadended" in social media because of fleeting opportunity of conscientious instant action or just "indifference" of fellow citizens of the world to re-tweet/comment ?

Further, the deluge of social media data from millions/billions of sources requires collaboration/ synchronicity of sources to achieve most important messages going viral. …


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Good moral leadership for better future

Name: Sri Atika Mayadah

Education: Senior High school student

School: Senior High School 1 Tenggarong(Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Tenggarong), east borneo, Indonesia.…


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E Pluribus Unum: What Yolanda Typhoon in the Philippines Teaches Us about Moral Leadership


Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs


2013 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest:

What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?



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It has been argued and debated in many newspapers and television debates and everywhere else where human being come into contact that the greatest problem challenging humanity today is that of leadership. I concur to this argument. Not of political, economic or social leadership but of a different type of leadership that encompasses all the aforementioned, Moral leadership. Leadership is a particular type of human relationship.it is the ability of an individual or group of… Continue

Added by Oladipupo Gbemisola Temitayo on December 29, 2013 at 9:30am — No Comments

Moral Leadership: Conquering The Society

Name: Hassan Ibrahim Malik

Education: Undergraduate

University: Air University, Pakistan

Email: Malik.131@hotmail.com



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Moral leadership- an elixir for sustaining civilizations

In today’s era, moral leadership has perhaps become one of the most glaring examples of academic oxymoron. Once was the time when the leaders were looked upon as apostles of high moral integrity and credibility. However, of late, with ever escalating number of cases of unethical conduct of leaders in political and business arena, common man is left to ponder whether moral leadership really exists on the planet.…


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What Moral Leadership Means to Me

Why Good Parents Truly are Moral Leaders

Jessica Williams

Davis and Elkins College of West Virginia

Undergraduate Student


The capacities of moral leadership are often discussed with a particular emphasis on the politics of leadership. While the politics of our nations greatly affect leadership, and vice versa, the…


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Moral Leaders: The Image of Hope

Name: Mena Mohamed

Education: Student, High School

School: JEB Stuart High School, Fairfax, VA

Moral Leaders: The Image of Hope

                 It is yet another morning in Fairfax, Virginia, and in all honesty, all here remains the same. The scenes outside my window echo those of yesterday and my routine is purely habitual. Despite the peace of the morning, however, a certain stress lies under the calm exterior of…


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Moral Leadership

Leaders Are Not Enough

                                                        Name:  Justin Jos

                         College: National Law University Odisha

          Level: Undergraduate Student

Leadership is one of the most essential facets of human life. Each one of us has an…


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Name: Abiola Funmilola Bose

School: Lagos State University, Nigeria.


Empires have existed and gone, humans have evolved with time. Powerful nations have waged war against weaker ones, thereby conquering and annexing kingdoms. While those that did not waged war against the weaker ones colonized them, cities and states communities have been destroyed due to the decision of those in power. Our world have…


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Leading, To Follow


                                                      Leading, To Follow. 

                                                By: Juwaria Rashid

                            Postgraduation, Jawaharlal Nehru…


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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?

Moral leadership as I Mean

By: Md. Nahidul Islam

    Undergraduate Student in Department of…


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FULL NAME:                         OLAWALE, Babawande Emmanuel

NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL:    University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria

TEACHER/STUDENT:            Graduate


According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, moral can be define with or as the principle of right and wrong behaviors such as moral issue/dilemma/questions,…


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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?

What Does Moral Leadership Mean To You?

By: Jessica Leann Jones

Greenfield Central High School - Greenfield, Indiana


            Moral leadership is a completely different kind of leadership. Leadership means the capacity to lead or holding an officer position of a leader per the Webster Dictionary.  Moral leadership takes on a different type of leadership. This type of leadership develops the…


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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?

In a century like this, I was surprised or maybe the word shocked is more correct in this situation, to see the topic of this contest advertised on the Net. Nowadays a lot of people are discussing, speaking, thinking, and defining “leadership, leadership skills” and all collocations related to this topical word. But related to moral that’s a different story.

Who is thinking or speaking about moral today?!!!

To be honest, I have thought that this word disappeared from our active…


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what does moral leadership mean to you?


            Leadership is as much a question as timing as anything else. Not every president, king or paramount ruler is a moral leader. According to Webster’s English Dictionary, a leader is one who guides, who shows by example.

            Moral leadership is a very different and unique form of leadership. It involves leading people, public organisations, business and private establishments in a manner that…


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