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Photo Contest

This photograph is of The Ellis Middle school grades 5-7. At The Ellis School, girls of all ethnicities can come learn in one place and not worry ever about their ethnicity. At Ellis, girls come to learn and everyone respects one another. Girls at Ellis see each other as friends and don't look down on them because of their color, race,…


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Old vs Young. Or Old + Young?

There is one difference which we see and feel everyday. Disparities between different age groups lead us everywhere, especially in the family. Old sometimes misunderstood young, youngsters do not have empathy for adults because of lack of experience. However, these disparities do not only separate one from each other, but at the same time make a strong bond between different…


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Living With Difference

Firs of all,differences musn`t be big problems societies or cultures.They can work in the same workplace or environment.As you can the photo shows very well.Students are able to learn from each other by the help their.Different people can live in the some society see different cultures and develop themselves.Teachers are working together and…


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As a result of poverty in Haiti, children at a very young age begin to help to bring food to the table. One of their most common tasks is to work on the fields. The hard work that they engage in, in my opinion, should not be considered as child labor for it is what keeps them alive. Consequently, they do not have the time or the means to get an education. This…


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U.S. Government Pledges Aid to Pakistan’s Elite, Blocks Visa for Human Rights Lawyer of Drone Victims and Continues Drone Attacks Leading to Regional Instability

A week after the 16-day government shutdown had ended Obama Administration’s pledge last Wednesday to release $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and continuing the controversial drone attacks in northwest Pakistan will leave negative long term ramifications for America.  Despite the current media frenzy regarding a recent Amnesty International report released on…


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Dance simply makes a person simply perfect.

Dance simply makes a person simply perfect. perfect from body structure and rhythm of life.

Nrittanchal, a famous group of dance lead by Shibly Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa. They arranged a workshop called ''Raybeshe'', which is a very old dance form in India. This workshop hold on 6 days and after that they…


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Living with Differences

In the summer of 2012, my Canadian friend and I fundraised 5620 USD and biked through the Himalayas, from Tibet to Nepal. Along the way, we used the money we raised to buy school supplies for impoverished schools. On the trip, I encountered some of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. There were Tibetan ladies at stationery stores…


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Living with Differences: Shifting Spaces... Re-positioning Gender Roles

Following the perusal of Hanna Rosin’s text The End of Men: And The Rise of Women, I became deeply intrigued by the notion of shifting gender roles within global society. According to Rosin, women undertake the non-traditional roles of men in the work-force and as the dominant force at the homestead... jostling the tipping-point of the equity scale in the favor of…


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Living With Differences: Life is Diverse

Life is full of diversity. Life without diversity is impossible. The picture above shows that many, many different types of things combine to make a living being.

This picture is symbolic of the importance of diversity in life. A balanced diet includes grains, fruits, vegetables,…


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Village Karaagac, where I live in, is composed of 300 people.Actually, at first immigrants who are from the Balkans came this village and settled.After a while gipsies who were living nomadic life settled in this village too.Somehow until now,they lived tranquilly and happily without…


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Living with Differences: Namaste

This was the last day for Liz, who volunteered for eight weeks as a teacher at Aim Abroad's slum school in Faridabad, India. She taught English, Math and probably everything except Hindi (which the kids taught her). I was there as a volunteer photographer to document their time together.

So, the kids were from…


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Living with Differences: Love of the differences

         With the modern day world, the love between two people of different countries are common. In an internet surfing 2 years ago, he and I know each other.…


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Living with differences : God's Religion

            Religion of GOD?? That's pretty weird. ‘coz people all over the country see GOD in different forms. It varies from humans in some part whereas objects in other parts who/which shows divine power; their action or commands which leads us in prosperous life. India is land of diversity. This…


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Living with differences

Everyone has different cultures and different life styles but we can live in the same country all together. In Istanbul you can see a mosque for Muslims, a church for Christians, a synagogue for Jewishes on the same street which is called Istiklal. People who have different cultures have to respect each other to live together in a peaceful world. Different life styles…


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We live in a beautiful life.Life is sometimes difficult,sometimes  easy.All we need to do;we should live in harmony because some people are rich,some are poor..Some people are black,some people are white ..We have differences and different lives.We should be conform each other.Black person will marry with white person.If he love her,It’s OK because love is…


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I went to Greece last summer. It  is known that Turkish and Greeks have had wars many times. That’s why unbreakable opinions are formed in time. Different religious principles and cultural values are formed in different countries.

When i went to Greece, i realized that these opinions are not necessary. They dress up and live just the same as we do. While i was…


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Living with Difference (Equality- A Solution for World Peace)

This photo itself speaks about "difference". Taken in institute's campus where a 13 year old girl rearing sheep for livelihood and survival. Where as another from privileged background is enrolled in it. This is the biggest issue in this world- "inequality". Solution to the problem of "inequality" can solve many burning issues of the world. Everyone is talented but the…


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North Korea: Witness to Transformation Weekly Update October 19 - 25

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Director of Studies & Senior Fellow Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephan Haggard: Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor at the University of…


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Syria’s most dreadful scenario

At the center of Za’atri, in northern Jordan, there’s a bustle of commercial activity. The “Champs-Elysees”, as the main street is known, hosts more than one hundred small street businesses, including rudimentary food shops, barber shops, clothes shops and even a tiny library. Coffee shops are on the rise, and surrounding the “downtown”, as it is called, there are already 12 neighborhoods, and even some soccer fields.

This description could seem certainly alluring if you don’t have in…


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Living with differences: American mum, with her Iranian daughter.

This is a picture of Dorcas, an African American with her Iranian daughter- Fatima. Amidst enmity between United States of America (USA) and Iran, Dorcas- a Christian from USA married a Muslim Iranian. They are currently living in Tehran, Iran. The way Dorcas covered her head in this photo; no one can believe she is a Christian! Thus, in a world with tremendous diversity of beliefs and cultures, such inter-ethnic, inter-religious, and international marriage can help us…


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