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A Historical Tour of Moral Leadership - Essay Competition

Nero, one of the most sordid and ignoble leaders of all time lies before a crumbling Rome. He jots down words that he extracts from the sheer cruelty and evilness that corrupt his mind, body and soul. The grandiose buildings are fading away and the startled Empire laments desperately. Such is the effect an immoral tyrant exudes; a bitter gangrene of emptiness and misery. Instead of exclusively evincing the…


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Seven Scenarios for the Future of Syria

As the war in Syria drags on, it is becoming ever more vicious. Militias kill hundreds of civilians, ethnic cleansing large swaths of the…


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Moral Leadership: The Cornerstone of Humanity

The shrill of the morning bell bounced across the damp walls of Nelson Mandela’s cramped cell.It was 5:30. Light splayed across the cell. The early morning hours were full of promise and hope, but for him, it was a cruel beauty that reminded him of everything he had left. Nelson remained blissfully optimistic, though. Unraveling from the clinging threads of sleep, he sat up and did his morning exercise. Or he tried to, to be exact. The cold stone walls stood six feet apart…


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On Mixed marriage between Chinese and Vietnam

Recently, there is a vexed topic about mixed marriage between Chinese man and Vietnam women extensively discussed in China. It is generally considered that the very mixed marriage is a result from the unbalanced level of development of the two countries, especially the low price of the wedding and bride. The tendency of trans-national However, we can easily discover two main problems behind this issue, which are the foundation as well as security of mixed…


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Behind AI Decision-Making, with Francesca Rossi

With artificial intelligence embedded into social media, credit card transactions, GPS, and much more, how can we train it to act in an ethical, fair, and unbiased manner? What are the theories and philosophies behind AI systems? IBM Research's Francesca Rossi discusses her work helping to ensure that the technology is "as beneficial as possible for the widest part of the population."

Foreign Policy Narratives in Palm Beach

After an invitation to speak at a gathering of the Palm Beach chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States, U.S. Global Engagement Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev reflects on the current scope and direction of U.S. foreign policy. How will new uncertainties in the international system influence the relationships among the democratic community of nations?

Privacy, Surveillance, & the Terrorist Trap, with Tom Parker

How can investigators utilize new technology like facial recognition software while respecting the rights of suspects and the general public? What are the consequences of government overreaction to terrorist threats? Tom Parker, author of "Avoiding the Terrorist Trap," discusses privacy, surveillance, and more in the context of counterterrorism.





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