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A World Under Watch: The Promises and Threats of Surveillance in the United States and the Philippines

The Greek God Argus Panoptes was endowed with a hundred eyes and, for obvious reasons, was known as a skilled watchman. He was even capable of maintaining his watch while sleeping because a few of his eyes would stay awake while the others slept. The story goes that Argus was assigned to guard a nymph disguised as a cow for the goddess Hera. Zeus needed the cow to establish a new order and commanded Hermes to slay Argus in order to retrieve the nymph. Shouldered with the task of killing one…


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Education, Equality and Solidarity: American and Chinese Commonalities

In an increasingly transnational world, global connections only become ever clearer. A close examination of American…


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A Portrait of Two Countries--Trans-Pacific Essay Competition

America, land of free-marketing individualism. Singapore, home of community and innovation. These contrasting images reveal the different values that both countries are founded on and the different worlds experienced by civilians of each nation.  Yet for two countries so differently based and founded, there may be more in common than we imagine.

There are few values and ideas that can be used as…


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Seeking Partnership, Not Wardship: The Ethics of Philippine-American Relations in Colonial and Contemporary Times

In November 25, 2013, Philippine Statehood USA published an online petition that campaigned for the former American colony to become the 51st State of the United States. It might sound odd in this so-called post-colonial era of ours that a former colony would lend itself to return to a (neo)colonial state of affairs, but we argue that it is hardly surprising in the case of the Philippines. This is not the first call for the Philippines to become an American state; in fact, as…


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The Education Matters: Similar Issue Demand Joint Solutions

By Lay Monica (Indonesia) and Christine Hashimoto (United States)  

Globalization has produced many changes in international relations; the way countries interact has changed. This might sound “cliché”—now we face the borderless world—but that is the fact that we cannot reject. This globalization era has driven us to a world that is quickly changing and nations are increasingly interacting one with another. This globalization does not lead merely to people in different countries…


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“No one more sincerely wishes the spread of information among mankind than I do, and none has greater confidence in its effect towards supporting free and good government.”  Spoken long ago, the words of Thomas Jefferson still ring true today in the age of the Internet.  Information is exponentially more widely available to people all across the globe, yet limitations are still imposed via government…


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Trans-Pacific Student Contest Submission

Trans-Pacific Student Contest

What defines your country? How do you perceive someone from a totally different background? With every new person you meet, it becomes a challenge to empathize and integrate his experiences into your repertoire of what you thought you already knew about the world. Who would have guessed that an exchange between a Singaporean and an American would offer insights on the subtle connections that make two vastly different countries…


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Trans-Pacific Student Contest - Shared Values between the U.S.A. and Singapore

1      Introduction

When one compares the small island of Singapore and the vast, spacious landmass of the United States of America, differences are arguably more readily apparent than similarities. After all, the geographical, historical, political, and social experiences of both countries vary substantially. Yet despite these differences, present-day America and Singapore have much in common. Both states strive to uphold justice and…


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Obama's state visit to the Philippines: re-balancing the imbalanced?

The last state visit of the United States (U.S.) President to the Philippine was in 2003. President George W. Bush became the fourth to do so after Dwight D. Eisenhower(1960) during the term of President Carlos P. Garcia; Richard M. Nixon (1969) under the administration of President Ferdinand E. Marcos; and Williman J. Clinton (1994) in President…


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North Korea: Witness to Transformation Weekly Update for April 24, 2014

\uap>In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

\uap>Marcus Noland: Executive Vice President & Director of Studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

\uap>Stephan Haggard: Lawrence and Sallye… Continue

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NEW BOOK: The Awakening of Muslim Democracy

We are pleased to announce that Global Ethics Fellow Jocelyne Cesari has a new book out from Cambridge University Press: The Awakening of Muslim Democracy: Religion,…


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The Albatross in Their Bag: The Ethical Conundrum of Condoms as Evidence

A good south wind sprung up behind;

The albatross did follow,

And every day, for food or play,

Came to the mariners' hollo!

In mist or cloud, on mast or shroud,

It perched for vespers nine;

Whiles all the night, through fog-smoke white,

Glimmered the white moon-shine."

"God save thee, ancient mariner!

From the fiends, that plague thee…


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North Korea: Witness to Transformation Weekly Update for April 17, 2014

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Executive Vice President & Director of Studies at the Peterson Institute for International…


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#cyberpeacefare #cyberpeacecitizen

Cyberpeacecitizen: A person who realizes that it is incumbent on "U&MeUsAll", acting as individual consciences, to have our voices (resonate bottom up) in the cyberdomain for "world peace and planet survival." One becomes a cyberpeacecitizen by using the #cyberpeacefare hashmark  for contributing your voice to the dream.   One can  also re-tweet the song lyrics:


                                "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin…


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Serious Teachers, an international and interactive teaching job board at the helm of cutting edge systems

Since our inception in 2007, Serious Teachers' team of highly informed programmers, along with business strategists and marketing pros, reinvent, upgrade and enhance the site on a daily basis.  We make certain that it is secure for all users and that the flow of alerts are constant between job posters and teachers.  We also try to ensure that we are on top of all the latest technology and that all current portals are being used to the fullest, while remaining incredibly user friendly and…


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Can Japan and the World Have a Nuclear Ethic?

Online: Journal of Social Science

Special Issue: Can Japan and the World Have a Nuclear Ethic?




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Control and Responsible Innovation of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence's potential for doing good and creating benefits is almost boundless, but equally there is a potential for doing great harm. This panel discusses the findings of a comprehensive three-year project at The Hastings Center, which encompassed safety procedures, engineering approaches, and legal and ethical oversight.

Resources Resulting from Carnegie Council Climate Change Research Delegation to the Philippines, October 2018

In October 2018, Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program led a fact-finding trip to Manila to investigate the effects of climate change on the Philippines. How is the encroaching threat of climate change reshaping culture, politics, and even faith? How can the claim of economic prosperity be reconciled with the equally valid claim of sustainability and conservation?

Climate Change in South & Southeast Asia, with Yoko Okura

Yoko Okura of Mercy Corps discusses her recent visit to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, the site of a camp for 1 million Rohingya refugees. She learned every day, that 700 tons of trees--four football fields--are being cut down for firewood and construction, bringing an increased risk of landslides and floods. She also reflects on her visit to Manila with Carnegie Council and the advantages of traveling with a group from different disciplines.





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