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Is it important to live in democracy

All human history is permeated with the search for a political ideal. This search is based on social differentiation. It is the social stratification that motivates the search for a political ideal, and each stratum represents a political ideal in its own way.  At the heart of this view, as social Sciences prove, are the personal interests of each social group, not the whole society. And the higher the social group takes a position in the social hierarchy, the more influential it…


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Application of International Law in National Court of Bangladesh

The judicial application of international law at national Courts is in effect progressively observed and perceived over the world. This issue ought not be treated as impedance with state power or national legitimate framework yet be seen generously. In spite of following the dualistic lawful convention, Bangladesh is unavoidably dedicated to regard International law. Additionally, Bangladesh approved all the center universal human rights instruments the greater part of which, nonetheless,… Continue

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Democracy is not the answer, human dignity is.

Though once called a perversion of constitutional government by Aristotle, democracy is now lauded by the United Nations as a universal core value. But the rise of Communist China onto the world stage as a fierce economic competitor and potential superpower, as well as the rise of the alt-right in stable democracies has scholars questioning if democracy is indeed the final form of government, or if it is merely an imperfect Western…


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Reason behind importance and unimportance of democracy

In my opinion, Democracy is the internal vigor of patriotism through the empowerment of implementation of the maximum power of mass people including the representatives with positive approach towards patriotism and excluding the representatives with negative approach towards patriotism. Here, I have included negative and positive approach towards patriotism because where there is politics, there will be both effect which are unavoidable complexity. Now-a-days the scenarios of democratic…


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Democracy is Vital

Jason Lee

December 31st, 2018

Democracy Is Vital

The question of whether democracy is the superior government system; colloquial covering morality and ethical values. By looking at India and Ram Nath Kovind, democracies can be imperfect and not always liberal, but democracy is the best possible system because of its…


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Is It Important to Live in a Democracy?

Erin Liu

Troy High School

10th Grade

Is it important to live in a democracy? My answer is definitely yes. Foremost, however, I would like to discuss the concept of a democracy before elaborating on its importance.


What is Democracy?

To my understanding, democracy involves allowing members of a group to express their opinions towards a matter, and taking those opinions into consideration regardless how different or…


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Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?

Heba Hamedi 

Carlsbad Early College High School

High School 9th Grade

The American Democracy

“Democracy dies in Darkness” (The Washington Post)  the saying made famous by the…


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Democracy:Freedom With a Caveat

Gage Garcia

Los Altos High School, California, U.S.A.

High School

As I walk between classes in my Silicon Valley high school, situated within a 10 mile radius of Google, Facebook, and Apple corporate headquarters as well as Sand Hill Road (the venture capital industry’s metonym) and Stanford University, I am…


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Why It Is Not Always Important To Live In A Pure Democracy

Eloise Griffin 

Paul D. Schreiber High School 

Social Science Research  

Why It Is Not Always Important To Live In A Pure Democracy

Democracy is a political system whereby the entire population either directly or indirectly controls the government. A true democracy would be where the masses are relatively unfettered, but…


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ESSAY TOPIC: Is it important to live in a democracy? #essaycompetition2018

Name: Maria Jabeen Awwal 

School: National Defence University, Islamabad 

Level: Senior Year Undergraduate 

Twelve feet tall wall, barbed wired, a security camera, with a gigantic steel gate to guard: this is description of a normal house in Pakistan. Description of a prison in any country is the outlook of a house in Pakistan. The…


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Ethics & International Affairs Volume 33.3 (Fall 2019)

The highlight of the Fall 2019 issue of "Ethics & International Affairs" is a roundtable on "Economic Sanctions and Their Consequences." Other topics include human rights and conflict resolution, Afghan attitudes toward civilian wartime harm, the role of supererogation on the battlefield, and the ethics of not-so-civil resistance.

The Climate Reality Project & Environmental Activism, with Brian Mateo

Ahead of the Climate Strike rallies on September 20, Bard College's Brian Mateo discusses the Climate Reality Project, founded by Vice President Al Gore, and how it has informed his work regarding environmental activism and education. Why has Greta Thunberg's Climate Strike been so successful? How can protests turn into concrete policies?

Transactionalism and U.S. Foreign Aid

A draft of a new presidential directive on American foreign aid suggests that transactionalism will shift from being a rhetorical device to an actual defining principle. How will the continued departure from the pre-2016 bipartisan consensus impact the foreign aid community?





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