Joseph Kony...orchestrating in his 27th year of murder, mayhem, pillage, plunder, kidnapping and selling of children for sexslaves in four Nations. Roughly 70,000 people, gone because of Joseph Kony. Yes, where was global ethics all these years? Please also prosecute the politicos who were in cahoots with this man, allowing him to do this and, follow the money, profiteering off Joseph Kony's immunity. 

Joseph Kony used the Name of God as his shield. Goes to show you, not everyone parading the name of god, is working for the Only True Creator. There is only One Creator, and many counterfeits.

There are plenty folks running around using the name of GOD but operating in opposition to HIS Attributes. HIS Attributes/Attitudes can easily be identified as they are revealed by HIM in HIS WORD and further explained by HIM when HE came 2000 years ago and communicated to us, in person.

It's really a no brainer. For example, GOD the Creator, does not condone the slaughter of innocents. GOD the Creator makes provision for the children by the very nature of HIS providing them with parents in the first place to protect/nurture/train/prepare them. It is evil that steals the life of Children, in the name of a god, who is, in reality, a counterfeit god(s).  Jesus Christ, when HE visited us as GOD IN THE FLESH, the "Undercover Boss", told us not to get HIM mixed up/confused with evil, by attributing works of evil to HIM and works of goodness to devil. HE called THAT activity, blasphemy.

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Vengeance is mine says the Lord. All  Wolves in sheep clothing shall be unraveled in the dispensation of time .And the dividing line between evil and goodness is so bold that one cannot be confused for  the other .However, what goes around comes around (LAW  OF KARMA or GOLDEN RULE). The choice of action for the attendant reaction is solely ours.Mankind should choose positive actions to attract positive reaction. LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH.


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