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Carnegie Council

Dangerous Delegation: Military Intervention & the U.S. Public, with Kori Schake

Are Americans too deferential to the armed forces, becoming increasingly willing to "outsource" judgement to the military? Senior Fellow Nikolas Gvosdev talks with Dr. Kori Schake of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, co-author with James Mattis of "Warriors and Citizens: American Views of Our Military."

Honduras: Hearing the Call for Democracy

Less than 800 miles from our shores, Hondurans protesting against a fraudulent presidential election have been clubbed, shot at, terrorized, and arbitrarily arrested by the hundreds. Yet this crisis has hardly produced a blip on the radar screen of mainstream U.S. news.

Munich Security Conference: Mixed Messages on American Values, Engagement

The United States sent mixed signals at the 2018 Munich Security Conference. On the one hand, a bipartisan group of officials stressed continuity and legislative oversight when it comes to American foreign policy. But on the other, while not in attendance, President Trump undermined this message with tweets and comments signalling a more transactional approach.



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