1. I post this pictures because i have one very strong reason behind 

Being a Girls, every girl at some point think that why she was studying in big universities and especially when to study in engineering universities with boys because in our society most of the people think that engineering is an only suitable field for boys.
There are are many women in engineering who was doing extremely remarkable work in their field like Sarah Clatterbuck who was Senior MANAGER at web development at LinkedIn,Divya Jain who was Staff data scientist and engineer lead at Box,Ashi Sareen who was Director of product development for the mobility team at Citrix , Bethanye McKinney Blount who was Manager, production engineering at Facebook.
An Iranian female mathematician wins the equivalent of the Nobel prize for Math.
The first time a female, the first time an Iranian, first time someone from a Muslim background wins the award.
Now who says that girls do nothing in the field of technology, its time to wake up from all pathetic thinkings of society and don't care about society, just care about yourself and 

       do whatever you want to do because this is your life so spend it with your rules

When you really want to do big in your life, then you must have the courage to face it's all problem and still did not drop that dream. Most of the girls think that, because they are girls so cannot do anything and they have some bounders which they did not cross.But Flying officer Marium Mukhtar proves that being a girl is not the problem in your path and you just need the passion and courage for it. Always focus on your goal instead of your obstacle.Embracing every piece of “darkness” will give you the courage and strength to live the life you crave and If u Believe IN Yourself then nothing is impossible and world is also start believing you.


                                                """""ALWAYS PROUD TO BE GIRL"""""""


if we have the courage to do things, then we don't need anything else. One important thing, we really want courage in our life then we have to leave these words "excuse "and "" reason "" from our mind



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