From Yesterday by Anupam Dasgupta-a book review

From Yesterday by Anupam Dasgupta is a romantic story with three main characters. Although there are three protagonists-it is not a love triangle- it is rather two circles of love- one intercepting the other.
Adi met Anita over a social networking site- both being well established-Adi being much younger than his crush. Infatuation soon develops into love-but Anita’s bitter past continues to haunt her in her present. The voice from the past never let her settle- ultimately she disappears from his life leaving Adi clueless.
Destiny takes Adi to a new land-amid new people. Here he finds Christiana-who instantly felt attracted towards Adi. But the shadowy presence of Anita continues in the life of Adi. Anita was the true love of her life-and Christiana?
The climax gets dramatic and I would rather say-shocking too. The ending will continue to echo in the mind of the reader.
The story has relatively fewer characters-but that did justice to the plot. It became well knit and characters also became reliable. Description of the city of Chennai and Chicago-where the story is staged, in between add spices.
It is a light read-with perfect usage of words and choice of dialogue. The way the story begun amid flashback raised my expectations and ultimately I am not disappointed.

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