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Winners of the 2013 International Student/Teacher "Moral Leadership" Essay Contest

Lighthouse by James Jordan CREDIT: James Jordan (CC).

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is delighted to announce the winners of its 2013 International Student/Teacher Essay…


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Moral Leadership, humbless to accept

     Have you ever touched a pair of hands heavy with depression and coldness? I have a few years ago. The hands of my grandmother, one of the sole Korean survivors of Japanese Imperialism, were cold and heavy. Her hands spoke, telling me stories of torture the women had to go through. Curiously, she was always more bewildered than enraged for what the Japanese had done to her, simply due to the rapid and painful progression of age. However, this bewilderment of hers soon turned into hatred…


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Moral Leadership in my eyes


Undergraduate Student (Law)


“A leader is a dealer in hope”

-          Napoleon Bonaparte

When I ponder over the term…


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What Moral Leadership Means to Me.


“As leaders are by nature in a position of social power, ethical (moral) leadership focuses on how leaders use their social power in the decisions they make, actions they engage in, and ways they influence others.” These are the words of the great epitome of leadership-Nelson Mandela, during his analysis on the subject matter.

Moral or Ethical Leadership is a type of leadership whereby the integrity and…


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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?

Trung Thanh Trinh

Swarthmore College, freshman

What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You?

I. Crisis of Morality Standard in Modern World’s Political Leadership

Our society today is made of contradictions. We condemn shooting such as the killing in the Batman movie in Colorado in 2012, but we still allow guns on streets. We desperately propagate the fatal harm of smoking everywhere in the world, but we never really…


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Ten Letters

Ten Letters

“The supreme…


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Moral Leadership: No Sacrifice, No Leadership

Human always create community. And in every community needs a leader. Leadership is influence others in order to achieve specific goals. The stronger leadership is the more powerful of effect. Everyone has a potential as a leader. The potential can be developed through education, training, and experience to develop a range of capabilities. And I think, everyone is a leader, especially a leader for themselves.

Moral leadership is the ability to influence by lead one’s self and others…


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What does moral leadership mean to me?

What does moral leadership mean to me?


Moral leadership would definitely be some hot topics when people live under monarchy, especially under the reign of some absolute monarchy. Ideas would arise questioning the court and the roles played by the citizens. Today, moral leadership may sound less familiar to us, but the common understanding of moral leadership may be the leader of a democratic society. In my…


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What does moral leadership mean to me? - Media's Critical Moral Leadership Role: Helping Set Sparks Ablaze

Deniz Dutz

St. Albans School

Student – High School


Media’s Critical Moral Leadership Role: Helping Set Sparks Ablaze


            With close to 100 journalists imprisoned, Turkey now has the highest number of incarcerated journalists in the world as it continues down a path of increasingly authoritarian media censorship. “Anyone who criticizes the [Turkish] government either stops or finds him or herself in jail,” lamented Faruk…


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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to You? : The Sole Bright Searchlight in our Society

Name : Ji Young (Christina) Chang

School : Episcopal High School (Alexandria, Virginia)

Education : High School Student

“Those who conduct themselves with morality, integrity and consistency need not fear the forces of inhumanity and cruelty” Nelson Mandela



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We can all be moral leaders

What does moral leadership mean to you?

Walter Lee

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

PhD Candidate, Politics and International Relations


Is moral leadership ever possible? Morality is something to be taken into action rather than be talked. In an era which globalisation has been accelerating and the call for leadership in global ethics has been increasing, I think it is useful to review a selection of role models in human…


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As an imperative in any community, the significance of leadership cannot be downplayed. A congregation of two or more must spring forth a leader who would be responsible for piloting the affairs of the group and providing them with guidance and direction. Leadership therefore is inevitable in any society. That apart, leadership is critical to the progress or downfall of…


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What does moral leadership mean to you?

What does moral leadership mean to you? 



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My Own Side

The world is formed by integrated and tiny units of people living together as family, community, village, society and so on. Each of these units is answerable to a leader. There are different types of leadership, but my focus is on Moral Leadership. This particular type can be found anywhere; whether it is the Business Sector, Political Sector, Educational Sector and /or other affairs of life.

Nevertheless, what is Moral Leadership? I shall define the two words before joining them together… Continue

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What Does Moral Leadership Mean to Me? The Light of Man.

Man's journey from the birth of their time has been plagued with a great divide. The rift was fabricated from an intrinsic propensity to choose the path one deems apt. The others embark their own way fueled by alternate incentives. But mere tribal discrepancies among our great early species have atrophied to the extent of genocide in the recent past. Nazi Germany could not live harmoniously with the Jewish innocent and the military regime of Yugoslavia had to ethnically cleanse…


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my moral leader ATATURK - Kültür2000 Science High School

                                                                     MY  MORAL  LEADER


It is an amazing  feeling   that you have a leader which gave you a way to follow. He was a man like that.After all  these years he passed away every  Turk  can feel the same responsibilities  to their people.The responsibility which   has the power to all people stand…


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What Moral Leadership means to me?

I am a law student, in my last year and my own education is very important to me, because I appreciate how much more difficult the world out there, especially for people like me, the youth. I have been able to volunteer in several youth-led and NGO-led projects targeting students and all in some way, trying to empower them, to become better students.

Despite all of this, I still find the topic Moral leadership as quite complex. I understand the concept of leadership. Being surrounded…


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#What does moral Leadership mean to you ?

Name :Dalwadi Pratikkumar

Institution : Niagara College Canada

Study : Post Graduation

#What does moral leadership mean to you ?

Today we all are staying in 21st century. A leader must be dynamic. A dynamic leader means a leader who can face challenges and is able to handle those challenges considering past, evaluating present and taking decisions for future. Today world is rapidly globalizing  and birth of new applications in electronic…


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The Timeless Universal Moral Leader

“You better watch out. You better not cry.  You better not pout; I’m telling you why.  Santa Claus is coming to town.”   

If someone began to sing this tune, most people would be able to join in and sing along.  This classic melody represents one of the most well-known Christmas icons in the world.  This classic melody represents the one and only Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, or even St. Nicholas.  The jolly man has numerous names, yet no matter what you prefer to call him, this…


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