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Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Winter 2017 Issue

We are pleased to present the Winter 2017 issue of Ethics & International Affairs!

This issue contains essays by Jonathan D. Caverley on how to slow the proliferation of major conventional weapons and Janos Pasztor on why…


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Calling Teachers and Students: Essay and Photo Contests, Deadline December 31, 2017

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce its two annual international contests: an essay contest for teachers and students on the world's greatest ethical challenge, and a photo contest for students on climate change.

Whether you choose to express yourself in words or in photos, we're looking for thoughtfulness and originality.

The deadline for both contests is December 31,…


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In your opinion, what is the greatest ethical challenge facing the world today? #essaycontest2017

In your opinion, what is the greatest ethical challenge facing the world today? #essaycontest2017.

        The world today seeks peace, unity, harmony and oneness. That is why man seeks various dimensions to sustain peace and unity.

       However, I believe the greatest ethical challenge facing the world today is “Selfism”. Selfism can be defined as the practice of focusing concern and effort on the needs of the self.



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That we are in an epoch of great and novel outbreak in science and technology is certainly a fact that cannot be disputed. Man in the 21st century can really beat his chest and boast of the varied technological inventions which has helped to make his life a little easier and faster. Man can rightly be…


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#Cyberpeacefare #Peace #Eleanor Roosevelt

"It isn't enough to talk about peace.  One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it."  Eleanor Roosevelt

Christmas is the season of celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace in a manger in Bethlehem.  It is also the commercialization of Santa Claus. Why not take a moment to digitize your personal cyber peace sentiments  as a free gift to the world this Christmas…


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In your opinion,what is the greatest ethical challenge facing the world today?

"A man is ethical only when life as such is sacred to him."

- Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

German,French Philosopher and 1952 Nobel prize Winner.

We face many challenges in our day to day life.The roots of this is often deeply embedded in our knowledge of ethics.At this…


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#Cyberpeacefare #Expert #Werner Eisenberg

"An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject and who manages to avoid them."   Werner Eisenberg

(Seems to me national/world political leaders should be experts in making  good judgments in deciding complex problems involving the national interest and world peace. CyberPeaceGadfly)

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Nothing is Impossible

  1. I post this pictures because i have one very strong reason behind 

Being a Girls, every girl at some point think that why she was studying in big universities and especially when to study in engineering universities with boys because in our society most of the people think that engineering is an only suitable field for boys.

There are are many women in…


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Excerpt from a N/S Essay


// The spirit of Nationalism has been embedded in the character of many emerging and developed global powers since the configuration of nation-states. In history, Nationalism is recorded as the pivoting point in uniting governmental and societal pursuits, in furthering the genuine definition of the union between the government and its people. Recently, however, there has been a hesitation in affirming this argument…


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Negative Implications of Climate Change on the Globe and Various Recommendations

The Global Climate Change created by present and past human activities poses a major ethical threat to ecosystem integrity, biodiversity, life as well as to the human welfare. Climate change is caused as a result of Global Warming, which is increasing a typical temperature degree but entails a lot. A durable period of changes in high tide levels, precipitation, ocean acidity, ocean salinity, extreme weather events, wind patterns, heavy precipitation, droughts, magnitude of tropical cyclones…


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Possibility of world War 3

War are as old as time itself, it's reason been hilarious so to say, the idea of peace through war. It's indisputable that it's perils are unimaginable, the world has witnessed it's scorch and at the dawn of the war of wars(world war 1&2),majors where taken to avert it's occurance again, but the question is can there ever be absolute peace? Can we live in a world without war? That's one question I wouldn't want to answer in a hurry. Now there are rumors about war forth coming and with the… Continue

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International Student Photo Contest, 2017: Climate Change

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces its fifth annual International Student Photography Contest.

This year's topic is Climate Change: Send us your photos that show examples of climate change OR examples of combating or adapting to climate change.

The contest will be conducted on Carnegie Council's Global Ethics Network, our social…


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International Student/Teacher Essay Contest, 2017: The World's Greatest Ethical Challenge

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces its ninth annual International Essay Contest, open to teachers and students anywhere in the world.

From climate change, to refugees, to terrorism, many of the greatest problems facing us in the 21st century transcend national borders. All involve ethical issues, such as fairness, rights, and responsibilities.

In your opinion, what is the world's greatest challenge, and how does it affect your local…


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The Greatest Ethical Challenge Facing the World Today

     The world is filled to the brim with issues to be resolved. Every time you turn on the television there are news channels reporting on “the worst shooting in history”, which is a title that seems too often broken. Scientists continue emphasizing our planet’s imminent downfall due to global warming, proven from an increase in the frequency of catastrophic geologic events and the rising sea levels. Amounts of people living in slavery are at an all time high and continue to grow. Poverty…


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#Cyberpeacefare #The Power of Intention #Dr Wayne W Dyer

"Connectors appreciate the world and everything in it. The same connection that they  experience with nature they feel toward all beings, including those who lived before and those who have yet to arrive.  They have a consciousness of the oneness, and therefore they make no distinction such as them or those other people.......Therefore connectors aren't surprised when synchronicity or coincidence brings them the fruits of their intention........"  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,…


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Today's world is faced with challenges like hunger and food insecurity, unemployment, poverty, gender discrimination and inadequate security across the world which have affected human beings in all aspect of life being it political, economic and social cultural development. Today almost 10 million graduates who churned out of over 668 universities in Africa do not get job and as at 2017 global unemployment is expected to rise by 3.4 million and from the world hunger statistics,…


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The beaut they say about the human race is that it's a spur to our highest achievement and an incentive to our worst nightmare, hence it's been sod's law since primordial time that with great advancement comes great chaos, as time begets time and humanity evolved in attitude, character and invention so came the birth of all global social Ill, war, terrorism, kidnapping, ritualism, human sacrifice e.t.c. To these I'll add religion the most vitiating of all global Ill.

This is indeed a…


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Carnegie Council Appoints Nine Fellows for the Project, "The Living Legacy of the First World War"

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce the selection of nine fellows who will receive stipends and other support to pursue research under the project "The Living Legacy of the First World War." The project is supported by a grant from the Richard Lounsbery Foundation. The selected fellows will pursue original research and writing for…


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Slowing the Proliferation of Major Conventional Weapons with Jonathan D. Caverley

The news is full of discussions on how to prevent further nuclear proliferation. But you can't understand a conflict like Syria without talking about major conventional weapons, such as artillery, missile defense, and aircraft, says military strategist Jonathan Caverley. Since the U.S. is by far the world's largest producer of such weapons, Caverley proposes that it creates a cartel, similar to OPEC, to slow down sales.

Global Ethics Forum Preview: Russian Media from Soviet Times to Putin, with Jonathan Sanders

Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Stony Brook professor Jonathan Sanders discusses the media and propaganda in Russia, from Soviet times to Putin. In this excerpt, Sanders, former CBS News Moscow correspondent, describes to journalist Randall Pinkston the surprising state of Russian media in 2017.

Fractured Continent: Europe's Crises and the Fate of the West, with William Drozdiak

In some ways Europe is more fragmented than at any time in the last three decades, says Drozdiak. There's a north/south split between wealthy creditor nations and deeply indebted ones; an east/west divide, as Poland and Hungary revert to nationalism; pressures of regional separatism; Brexit; and the migrant crisis. Then there's Trump, who sees Europe as a burden and economic rival. 2018 could be a pivotal year. What will happen?



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