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The Right to a Future: The Educational Safety-Net


Throughout the world, millions of children are living in poverty. As a result of this poverty, these children are less healthy, less intellectually developed, and far less likely to obtain an education than their wealthier counterparts. Consequently, many of these children will grow up to be poor parents and the cycle of poverty will continue. This cycle can only be broken by ensuring that children are educated. Through education, many of the problems that these…


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The Ethical Dilemma of Tibet: Is human rights globalized or localized?

        Two Tibetan monks have died after setting themselves alight in southern China's Sichuan province, reports say. More than 100 Tibetans, mostly young monks, have set themselves on fire since 2011-many fatally-in apparent protest against Chinese rule. ”

                                                                   --- BBC News, April 25 2013…


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The Ethical Challenges of Climate Change and Intergenerational Equity

“We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations”- U.S. President Barack Obama, 2013 Inauguration Speech


There is an international scientific consensus that by the middle of this century, global climate change will begin to inflict devastating droughts, storms, and crop damage on future generations.  Some ecologically sensitive regions of the planet have…


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Hamburger and Kung Pao Chicken

For a number of people like me who were born in the late 1980s or early 1990s, the first intuitive impression of “America” was a hamburger, which consists of a thick chunk meat and lettuce between two pieces of bread. People are gobbling their hamburgers happily and enjoying every mouthful of grease. Hamburgers give these carnivores simple and delightful satisfaction of their appetite for meat. Hamburgers are kind of similar to the Chinese traditional food---steamed buns, dough filled with…


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Rhythm and Regulations: Contraceptive Health in the Phil-Am Landscape

It is indubitable that the Philippines has close ties with the United States of America – we can see it in paradigms in the socio-political, legal, aesthetic, educational, and religious (and what-have-you) spheres of the Philippine climate –…


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Speaking against the Silence: An ethical analysis of Censorship practices within China today

  1. Introduction

        Had this essay been published in China, there is a strong chance you would not be reading it right now, and an even stronger chance that we would be in prison. Had this essay been published in China, the writers would have needed to download special software in order to circumvent a…


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When Uncle Sam comes to visit

"I shall return," were the famous words uttered by General Douglas MacArthur, an American general, before he left the Philippines that fateful day in 1942. He had been the Philippine Army’s field marshal for quite some time, but when the Japanese forces were closing in on Philippine territory and the last strongholds started surrendering, he and his family left and escaped to Australia. He did return, and for that, the Filipinos were grateful to him.

History buffs would tell you that…


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Disabilities' rights between China and the US.

The greatest ethical challenge between the United States and China is human rights, especially the disabled person’s rights. The relationship between the United States and China is presently strengthening. It has been almost four decades since the United States and China started to communicate with each other. With the great effort that has been put into this relationship, this bond between nations is growing stronger. This relationship is flourishing and becoming one of the most important…


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The Challenging Present and Risky Future of Nuclear Weapons in Asia

                The greatest ethical challenge facing U.S.-Asia relations is the nontrivial risk of nuclear proliferation in the Asia-Pacific.  The Second World War in the Pacific theater came to an abrupt conclusion in 1945 with the dropping of two American atomic bombs on Japan.  In the more than 60 years since, no nuclear weapon has ever been employed by the U.S. or any other nation.

            The contemporary security situation in Asia will severely test the global…


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Can schools get us out of this mess?


Peter Thiel just came to Yale to spread his contrarian gospel.  The rate of technological innovation is decelerating, he argued, despite our collective fantasy that there are smart…


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Democracy and the Limits of Secularity

Democracy and the Limits of Secularity


     Is secularity a necessary condition of democracy? This question prompts much disagreement. While adherents of the liberal tradition typically maintain that secularity is necessary, a new wave of contemporary thinkers, having observed the spread of democracy throughout the non-“West,” conclude that secularity may not, after all, be so crucial. But what do we mean when we say “secular society”?…


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Grad student outs economists' math error

Some time ago, two economists named Reinhart and Rogoff produced a paper that argued that when a country's debt surpasses 90% of GDP, economic growth slows precipitously.  The paper was hugely influential, inspiring austerity budgeting in Europe and the US,  bolstering neocons in their desire  to limit the reach of government by limiting deficit spending.  They'd already succeeded in…


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North Korea Witness to Transformation Weekly Update Apr 26th

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Director of Studies & Senior Fellow Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephan Haggard: Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor at the University of California, San Diego…


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Ethical Considerations for the Use of Nuclear Energy

The startling realization that the continued growth and development of humanity is having serious and potentially irreversible effects on planet and its inhabitants has welcomed in a new era of environmental ethical debate. As we grow all the more familiar with the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels, we look for alternatives. Nuclear energy is one such example. However, when taking into the consideration the potential repercussions of nuclear energy programs, understanding the…


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Foreign Intervention in the Prevention of Genocide


The subject of war and violence perpetuated by states has been one that been as the forefront in the field of ethics for centuries. One particular type of violence that has been especially evident within the 20th century is genocide. However, a conflict is oftentimes not declared a genocide by the international community(i.e. the United Nations) until it is too late to save the lives of thousands from the violence of the…


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Obligations to the Needy: The Role of Self-Interest

Obligations to the Needy: The Role of Self-Interest


     When is charity “enough”? Where is the line between self preservation and selfishness? What is our moral obligation to the needy, and when have we fulfilled it? These are complicated questions with practical importance, as these opinions will determine the policies nations shape. Singer, Unger, and Rawls all have an opinion, with varying levels of condemnation accompanying the everyday…


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R2P : From a Duty for Human Security to a Duty for Human Subsistence

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P):

From a Duty for Human Security to a Duty for Human Subsistence…


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He Asked For It: Reconstructing Rapists' Moral Responsibility under Male Domination Theory


Catharine MacKinnon, a leading radical feminist philosopher, gives an account of state endorsement of patriarchy, in which she argues that what seems to be a prohibition of rape is in fact a policy which encourages and condones it, by failing to criminalize what women experience as rape, focusing instead on the man's perspective on the act. She argues that as long as the State does not acknowledge the inherent power…


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Advocating for Women’s Rights at Home & Abroad: Justice Served?

Advocating for Women’s Rights at Home & Abroad: Justice Served?

Advocates for women’s rights press for many types of social change, but arguably all of them relate to justice. How can one know if what they are pressing for actually furthers justice or if it hinders it? For those who argue for gender equality and fairness in the home, what specific issues might they address? Is there any way to evaluate potential policies or programs to determine if they increase or restrict…


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The parallels of euthanasia to the autonomy of the individual and their implications for Global Justice

The arguments made here are an extension of a broader paper that aimed (unsuccessfully) to discuss the issue of euthanasia from the perspective of three different ethic theories (Peter Singer, Immanuel Kant, Consequentialist) and relate it to global ethics and the question of global justice. The hope is that this paper is able to provide those linkages and provoke some discussion around the direction of global justice.    


The question of ethics in regards to…


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Global Ethics Forum Preview: The Ethics of Big Data with danah boyd

Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Microsoft Research’s danah boyd discusses the ethical and political implications of big data and artificial intelligence. In this excerpt, boyd explains to journalist Stephanie Sy some of the disturbing issues that arise when machine learning and algorithms are used in the criminal justice system.

What the Qur'an Meant: And Why It Matters with Garry Wills

Northwestern's Garry Wills says that he was surprised to learn that Islam is a much more "inclusive" religion than Judaism or Christianity.

The Future of War: A History, with Lawrence Freedman

"Though most of the literature you will read on the future of war certainly talks about war as between regular armies, as proper fights, now with drones or with autonomous vehicles or robots or whatever, or even painless--cyber and so on--yet actually the reality of war is as it has always been: it is vicious, and it is nasty, and it kills the wrong people, and it does so in considerable numbers."



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