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Modern Model

This is a painting, or a model?

[Full Name]        Li Buyi

[School Affiliation]    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Nationality: [Country Name]…


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Sara Saeed Alkhafajy

Dubai British School-Dubai,UAE


This picture represents living with difference in a unique way.It shows how fragile and forlorn we might be on the inside,but can still manage to hide all these emotions by different masks.Living with difference means… Continue

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# photo2013 the Photographs of Li Buyi

What do the whispering stone lions chat about  exactly?It's a secret.

[Full Name]        Li Buyi

[School Affiliation]    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Nationality: [Country Name]…


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Alone But With Integrity

Integrity is tested most when one must stand alone against those who oppose that which you believe to be your purpose in life. If one look around at the global world one strive to connect to those who live with 100% integrity and those who cannot be corrupted by money, power, status or food. It is good to see that these leaders are well and objective.

Let us keep standing for the greater good of humanity as a global family.


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Good time with these guys

I was in a camp for leadership training in my faculty. The camp was made for freshmen who just entered Economic and Business Faculty of Airlangga University, Indonesia. Even though I'm not a freshmen anymore, I came with my friends to watch and do nostalgia. Hahaha I really love this activity because I can gather with a…


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First-world Issue? Or 'a Small Step Forward for Developed Nations?' -- the Bicycle-Sharing Scheme*

A few days ago, after much thought and consideration, I finally decided ‘enough was enough’, it was time for me to take better care of myself—lifestyle and all.

So, I made the decision to join the Gold’s Gym across Omotesando Hills in…


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Guinea: the end of the democratic transition?

With a two years delay, this Saturday more than five million Guineans were finally called to participate in a legislative election that officially certified the completion of the path to democracy –a process that begun in November 2010 with the first transparent and open presidential election in Guinea since its independence from France in 1958.

Yet, do these long overdue elections really mark the final of the transition?

 Technically, yes. Despite flaws –some voting stations…


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I was on a trekking in Baccha, Vietnam, with a friend. We were walking and after 5 km we came a cross with a Flower H'mong family (hill tribe minortiy). They start to say hello! Hello come in!>>. So, we came in, they were celebrating the death of the viceleader of the village. This celebrbation is H'mong tradition and to celebrate the death they kill a buffalo, drink corn wine and play music. They invite us to join them.  We had a great time with them talking about everything,…


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North Korea Witness to Transformation Weekly Update September 21 - 27

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Director of Studies & Senior Fellow Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephan Haggard:…


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Does Ethnicity Define Us?

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Happiness Does Not Have a Color

Oluchi Otugo

Laurel High School

nited States of…


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Any Shade, Any Color

Oluchi Otugo
Laurel High School

Nationality: United States of America

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An Incumbent Politician's Confusion Over Government System in the Philippines

Unsolicited decision of Drilon to respect the Ombudsman's decision over Napoles appearance in the senate is I think a not surprising choice of a greedy imbecile. This was the reason why I was so noisy during the impeachment of Renato Corona and Merceditas Gutierrez because although there might be some fault under their term (as if everyone in the politics don't play dirt), at least they cannot just be controlled or manipulated by the…


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Trans-Pacific Contest Booklet Published

We just wanted to congratulate all the participants and especially the winners of our 2013 Trans-Pacific Student Contest. The entries were of very…


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Could our new global ethic come from...Afghanistan?

Originally posted on dispositiondisposal.wordpress.com

A fierce young hunter throttles a lion using a single wooden rod.  Ashoka, the ancient revered ruler of the Maurya Dynasty, possessed a formidable temper from an early age.  Legend has it that Ashoka, in a ruthless ploy for power, got rid of the legitimate heir to the throne by tricking him into entering a pit filled with live coals.  Other legends hold that…


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At the Library

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Reading at School

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students photo contest 2013

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Rehumanization in Romania

Living with Differences: International Student Photo Contest

Nathaniel Hsieh

University of Southern California

Nationality: USA

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Romania and research the role of religion in the holistic "rehumanization" of…


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American Engagement: When It Comes to Foreign Policy, Does America Deserve Trump?

As the 2018 State of the Union address illustrated and to the great dismay of the "elites," President Trump is truly taking an "America First" approach to foreign policy. In this speech, he framed immigration, conflict with North Korea, and the fight against ISIS in terms of how they have affected invidiual Americans. But, with many citizens uninterested in the intricacies of foreign policy, could this be an effective strategy?

Articles Resulting from Carnegie Council Religion and Tolerance Research Delegation to Indonesia, October 2017

In October 2017, Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program led a group of 12 Pacific Delegates from seven countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds to Indonesia. Amid growing Islamophobia and populism in Europe and the United States, a more complete picture of Islam is crucial, and as the world's largest Muslim nation, Indonesia has the potential to shape the way the world's fastest growing and most contentious religion is perceived worldwide.

To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism, with Rob Riemen

No more euphemisms and denials, says Rob Riemen in this frightening and inspiring talk. Call it by its name: fascism. Neither technology, nor economic growth, nor political activism can fix this, he continues. We must create a new counterculture that replaces kitsch and conformism with truth, empathy, beauty, and justice.



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