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Is it important to live in a democracy? #essaycontest2018

Name: Bassey Wisdom Gideon

Institution: University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria

Level: Undergraduate


What is Democracy?

Compared to dictatorships, oligarchies, monarchies and aristocracies, in which the people have little or no say in who is elected and how the government is run, a democracy is often said to be the most challenging form of government, as input from those representing citizens determines the direction of the country. The basic definition of… Continue

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Is it important to live in a democracy





Democracy has a lot of definitions because people all over the world have different meaning and understanding to the word democracy. But one of the common features of democracy is the people and their ultimate power in every thing they do. I always define democracy as: Democracy is a system of…


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Is it important to live in a democracy? #essaycontest2018

Name: Thomas Grein

University: The Australian National University, ACT, Australia

Level of student: Undergraduate


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Is it important to live in a democracy?

Japaralieva Adinai

Bishkek University of Humanities - Bachelor

   I believe that democracy is not a term, democracy is a phenomenon with the epithet “public”. People differently understand the concept of the word "Democracy", but there is no single definition. And therefore for some it is a form of government; where some perceive it as the “power of the people,” without even delving into the meaning of these words; others believe that democracy is anarchy, where there…


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Is it important to live in a democracy?

Full name: Anastasiia Hudyma

Name of school: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine

Level: undergraduate

Over the past decades, democracy is one of those things that been actively promoted among our society, even has gained populism significance, but not just for the sake of doing, we and our ancestors have…


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Full Name: Ubochi Prince Ituma

Name of School: Ebonyi State University, Nigeria.

Level: Undergraduate


Is it important to live in a democracy?


The problem of classicism inheres in political systems such as autocracy, gerentocracy, theocracy, etc, not in an ideal democracy. The absence of democracy affects the entire world in various facets: politically, legally, economically, etc. In a world where the core principles of…


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Is it important to live in a Democracy?

Undergraduate at Kyiv-Mohyla academy. (Stanislav)

          Democracy has become a symbol of our century. The end of the Cold War was not only the victory of the most powerful actor on the current international arena - the United States of America but also signified the start of globalization. Exactly this war put end to the totalitarian political regime in USSR, overwhelmed obsolete values and made possible to spread democracy around the rest of the world. Despite some states tend to…


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Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?

There are three main types of political regimes in the world: totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and democracy. The last one is considered the best for obvious reasons:  manifestation of individualism, protection of human rights, respect for constitutions, fair electoral systems where governments are formed for limited periods of time and almost always have opposition. But where would the human society be if democracy…


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Is it important to live in a democracy?

There are so many definitions of the word “Democracy”, that one can get lost. There are short, long, depended on history, different variations because of government’s types etc. Throughout this specter, I want to begin with a simple one – a citizen’s definition.

I asked my mother and some friends, who live in a democratic state, and I found pretty similar explanation of this word.  For them, democracy is a possibility to speak out without a fear of being guilty; when you have a right…


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Is it important to live in a democracy?

Kateryna Kovtun,

Undergraduate at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy 


Although not all of us have a clue about what this word actually implies, we have doubtlessly heard it a thousand of times and used it in our own conversations or speeches. I am not an exception, and when I started to work on this essay and faced a need to elucidate the concept of democracy as clearly and amply as possible, I realized that it was not so easy. It appears to be a broad term and in somewhat…


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Haifa abbassi

chawki nasri high school 

Democracy is a word that we hear a lot in political forums and global conferences; we hear it from the tongues of everyone.

Everybody wants a democratic system of government or seeks to raise this slogan making sacrifices for that.

For many, the establishment of a democratic system of government has become the only way to achieve freedom the peoples…


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#essay contest 2018


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Name : Latypov Amir Undergrated in Udmurt State Univesity  «Let us praise, brothers, freedom’s twilight, The great diminishing year! A heavy forest of nets is lowered Into the turbulent waters of ni…

Name : Latypov Amir

Undergrated in Udmurt State Univesity 

«Let us praise, brothers, freedom’s twilight,

The great diminishing year!

A heavy forest of nets is lowered

Into the turbulent waters of night.»

The Twilight of Freedom, a poem by Osip Mandelstam

I was born in the country  where serfdom existed for five centuries , and where people desired about freedom for long years  of captivity ,  and gained it they despaired , as people in…


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# essay contest 2018


Democracy literally means “Rule by the people”. Democracy is that form of government in which citizens can actively participate in politics and in civic life. In a democratic country people have different rights available with them. In a democracy man and woman are having the same rights. All person is equal in the eyes of law whether…


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Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?

 Name : Manjula K

 School: Central Electrochemical Research Institute

 Level  : Undergraduate

  Living in a Democratic country like India, my answer will be an…


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Is it Important to Live in a Democracy?

 Is it important to live in a democracy?

Shnaider Oleh Yuriyovych

Undergraduate at

National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy


            Ideally democracy is a political regime where only source of power are people. This means that citizens of country with democratic regime elect their…


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Democracy Delivers

Megan Briggs

Undergraduate at Yale University

Democracy, literally “rule by the people”, is a system of government in which the people governed are intended to be the principal actors in the governing itself. A state system must have certain key elements to be considered a democracy, such as representation, rule of law, and certain rights for all. Each nation in our…


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Is it important to live in Democracy?

Nowadays, in the age of the highly developing world, there can be observed a huge amount of diverse thoughts upon the issue of democracy. Obviously, all of them do have value, because they represent the specific vision of human beings. Of course, there are many positive as well as negative viewpoints; however, here I will concentrate on the first one, verifying the importance of democracy, which has changed impressively up to the 2000s.

To start with, a basic definition of the concept…


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Democracy Essay #EssayContest2018

Elijah Vincent

Miami University

High School Graduate, College Student

Due to the my being new and concerns of restrictions of how much I can type in a blog having just joined the website, I have uploaded my unabridged blog in a PDF Format. I continue to follow all necessary instructions. ESSAYCONTEST2018.pdf #EssayContest2018 

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