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Saint Teresa of Calcutta: A Celebration of Her Life & Legacy by Raghu Rai-a book review

Posted by Biswanath Banerjee on April 21, 2017 at 2:40am 0 Comments

Saint Teresa of Calcutta: A Celebration of Her Life & Legacy –by eminent photographer Raghu Rai is a collection of photographs and his memoirs of the Mother Teresa. The photographer first met Mother way back in 70’s when he was doing a feature story on behalf of Junior Statesman and after that his association with the iconic figure and her Organisation continued. He took numerous brilliant photographs of Mother covering a wide range of subjects.

The book is divided into three board categories- the first category covers photographs of the Canonization of Mother in Vatican City, the second category comprises picture of the city of Joy and its dwellers, mother’s work among the poorest of the poor and Mothers and her sisters in prayer. In my view-there are some of the brilliant…


North Korea: Witness to Transformation blog weekly update - Apr. 20

Posted by Kent Boydston on April 20, 2017 at 9:52am 0 Comments

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Executive Vice President & Director of Studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephan Haggard: Lawrence and Sallye Krause Distinguished Professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy

Weekly Roundup

April 20 – Slave to the Blog: The Can’t Catch a Break Edition

April 19 –…


Stabilizing Afghanistan

Posted by Hassan Mustafa on April 12, 2017 at 12:29pm 0 Comments


In a state of affairs objects fit into one another like links of a chain.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Afghanistan has been in turmoil for decades now, since its independence Afghanistan’s government legitimacy has been challenged by the actors from within the country supported by actors from the outside – there were several groups that begun insurgency separately but most of them became part of a major movement over the years. During British rule in Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan was overshadowed by British Empire, after WW2, Soviet Union became the dominant external actor and invaded Afghanistan in 1979. After Soviet Union fell, Afghanistan fell into civil war and Taliban emerged as key political and military force – supported by U.S., Saudi Arabia and Pakistan during 1980’s and after the civil war supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. After 9/11, U.S. forces and later ISAF led by NATO invaded Afghanistan and are still present…


Comparing Inequalities in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Education System

Posted by Hassan Mustafa on April 12, 2017 at 12:26pm 0 Comments


One could also say that the feeling gave the words truth.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


“The degree of equality in education that we can reasonably hope to attain, but that should be adequate”, remarked Condorcet in one of his seminal works The Sketch “is that which excludes all dependence, either forced or voluntary” (Condorcet & Lukas, 2012). The premise asserted by Condorcet, promulgates the importance of quality of education. Additionally, the notion echoes the enlightenment notions which placed critical thinking and rationality at the core of the education system. Even though the importance of the notion promulgated by Condorcet can’t be denied and isn’t particularly challenged here but the structural limitation that is ignored by Condorcet has to be emphasized; the role of power structures in construction of myths, prejudices and self-declared truths is what is being ignored. When assessing Pakistan and…



The Most Socially Just Tax

Started by David Harold Chester. Last reply by Hanane Saouli Mar 1. 1 Reply

Although many people in government and politics are reluctant to change the tax regime, we should recognize that our present complicated system for taxation is unfair and has many faults. The biggest problem with taxation is to arrange it on a…Continue

Tags: Justice, Social, LVT, land, taxation


Started by Hanane Saouli. Last reply by David Harold Chester Feb 26. 1 Reply

Peace requires positive combativity in our relations and equally in the face of our own impulses. But to define peace as the struggle won by reason against instincts is false. It is not by fighting that inner peace is attained, but by cultivating an…Continue








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