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African Higher Education Summit

Posted by Carnegie Council on January 29, 2015 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

African Higher Education Summit…


North Korea: Witness to Transformation Weekly Update for January 29, 2015

Posted by Kevin Stahler on January 29, 2015 at 10:16am 0 Comments

In this blog, we report on developments in and around North Korea, including the broader security setting and political, economic and social change in the country.

Marcus Noland: Executive Vice President & Director of Studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

Stephan Haggard: Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor at the University of California, San Diego Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies

Weekly Roundup

Jan 29  –  The Interview Update

Jan 28  –  Haggard at Nikkei Asian Review

Jan 26 –   Seoul Conference on Doing Business in…



Posted by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI on January 29, 2015 at 6:35am 0 Comments

I have lived my life trying to study and find out why there are so many problems in the world or why it is very difficult to resolve a conflict. I finally came out with the following article based on terms used in science that when explained analogically, would give a logical and rational explanation to the problems plaguing society. It all starts with a spark. To better understand this, I’ll take it chronologically.

HESS’S LAW: it states –“the energy change accompanying a reaction is independent of the route taken”. It only depends on the initial and final conditions (temperature). Analogically, problems in real life correspond to energy change and temperature corresponds to different interpretations of events. However, there is a very good relationship between enthalpy (energy change) and entropy (disorder)


ENTROPY- it defines the amount of disorder in a system. In a closed system, the value of entropy increases with temperature.…


Trans-Pacific Student Contest 2015: Win a Trip to New York City

Posted by Carnegie Council on January 28, 2015 at 4:53pm 0 Comments

Bridge at Punggol Waterway, Singapore. CREDIT: Joshua Wong (CC

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs announces its third Trans-Pacific Student Contest, a pioneering exercise in U.S.-Asia collaboration. The contest is part of Ethics for a Connected World, a three-year global education project to mark the Council's 2014 Centennial.…


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double standards:

Started by ACHIRI ARNOLD NJI. Last reply by Precious Ropafadzo Chiduku 7 hours ago. 1 Reply

in the wake of recent events in france, more than 50 world leaders have gathered to "support freedom of speech". i have been asking myself this question time and again: does freedom of expression means the disregard of the other person's point of…Continue

CIA insider explains al Qaeda's "great victory"

Started by Ratnesh Dwivedi Jan 19. 0 Replies

Mike Morell, the former acting director of the CIA, says that while the U.S. has been able to decimate al Qaeda's leadership, the group has still managed to grow and carry out attacks. cr471-rose-morell-pretape-mike-isoframe10225.jpg CBS News senior…Continue




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